New Forum Area Names July 2013


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July 2013

You may have noticed that your favorite area forum has had a name change. For Example South Coast Lower Mainland forum is now called the South Coast Region

To better identify the areas we all ride in we have changed the areas to reflect the forests we ride in. For simplicity and clarity we will be using the Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) Region and District Maps and Boundaries.

DSBC riding areas will be split into six Regions and within those regions will be the Forest Districts. Depending on the area and usage a Forest District may get its own "sub forum" which will be the name of the Forest District.

Ultimately we will have the Forest Area Map of your area with important area information and contact information within your riding area

As always this is a work in progress, you input is always appreciated.

Here is a current map of the Forest Regions and Districts

Link to pdf on government site