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New OHV On Line Survey for Thompson Rivers District Important to Participate


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
Staff member
Here we are four months later and the survey results are out

Thank You all for participating. If you remember this survey, many of us thought it was not very well done and had some strange questions, just the same many of us plowed through it. Well I got this out the final reports

There were 547 responses to this online survey. There is recognition that there 9were some shortcomings of this survey; the survey may not have been distributed as broadly as possible andcertain groups may have been missed; survey users were allowed to skip survey questions leading to somequestions having limited responses and the time period that the survey was available was relatively short. Theintent of the survey was to focus on ORV activities, and was not specifically aimed at 4x4s though by thecomments received there may have been some misunderstanding of the definition of an off-road vehicle. Thissurvey was the first online survey used for public engagement by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and NaturalResource Operations in the TRNRD. Though it may not have completely represented all the wants and needs ofORV and non-ORV users in the district, it is believed that the online survey provided a better sample size thanthe sample size available from a typical open house.

Just the same they used it

Here is the link to the results (lets hope not to many redirects and you can read it)
https://www.for.gov.bc.ca/dka/ORV/TRNRD ORV Rec Strategy recommendation report 30March2015.pdf