New to Dual Sport in PG


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Hey fellow riders,
I recently moved to PG from Onterrible and am looking for some fellow dual sport riders for some adventures. After considerable research I got a new KLR650 and am loving it so far and I cant wait to hit some logging roads and trails. Well, trails perhaps after I get some more dirt friendly tires on it LOL. I have owned and ridden many dirt bikes and ATV's; Can Am 370's, and a couple Hondas CR250 & XR250 and have also enjoyed a couple GSXR's 600 & 750 on the road, and I'm looking forward to riding a bike that can do it all.
I ride quite a bit usually 12000km a season or more but have yet to do any extensive trips. So I hope I can hook up with some local riders for some exploration and good times. I used to belong to a bike club in Ontario and miss the camaraderie and group rides. I am an active outdoor enthusiast, backpacker and camper, so I got the gear to travel light and don't mind tenting it. Shout if you're up for a ride sometime