New to fourm and PG area

Just a Guy

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I am so new to the PG area that I don't move there until May 13. I have an 08 KLR that I have had since new with 45K back road km on it. I like exploring back roads and finding abandoned buildings, mine sites, caves, waterfalls and anything cool or unusual. I'm usually a fairly mellow rider although I usually travel 100 kmh on dirt when I can. I can do some pretty serious hill climbs when there is something I want to see or a mountain range I want to get over, but usually I just like getting out and exploring. Give me a shout if you would be willing to show me around sometime, I have only been to the area once.


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Straight from Sask to BC. Missed the best part. Just kidding, there is a few of us from ABDS that lurk here and also ride the LM in the winter. Enjoy the warmer winters and big snow in PG.


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You'll be in the right spot for unlimited access. I get up there and explore in my jeep from time to time - hoping to do the trip on my 950 this summer.