Newbie Pre-Ride and check


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Guess we'll be out this weekend to do some joyous pre-riding. We could use a couple of groups. I'm thinking meet at Tamihi Staging area. I'm going riding both days so Saturday and at 09:00 at the Staging area. Anyone care to join in the "fun"?


"2018 Forest Fairies"
To be clear, it's not riding!
It's cleaning the trails for the newbies ride...

I checked again with the Forest Fairy, to see if she was going to clean the trails, and she said, fuck off do it yourself!

So, more hand make work lighter!

Must be there Saturday, will see for Sunday.

PS: Can you bring the wheel balancer and the dial if it fit on it.


"2018 Forest Fairies"

It's a good time for Newbies to test their skills.
And it entertain the worker :)


"2018 Forest Fairies"
Found a carnage today!
Dashboard was in pretty bad shape.
The area where is the bridge was looking like a clear cut, except the root ball, nothing seam to be left.
Hopefully the bridge is still there, the trees falls around but not on it.

We did not clean the section from the bridge up....
Beer was calling some...

But it was not looking as bad.