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When: Sunday October 18, 2009
Where: Cultus Lake

Cost: FREE

Time:8:30am meet for breakfast in Cultus Lake at the 'MAIN BEACH' (Lakeshore Drive, just before gas station).

10am 'Last Rider Out'

Skill Level:There is something for everyone. This ride is on logging and jeep roads with some hills.There will be puddles and may be some mud; plenty of cross-ditches.Easy enoughfor any rider on any bike.

Advanced riders will have the opportunity to take a guided 'hard' route up & over Church Mountain that will challenge them.

[align=center]RAIN or SHINE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! [/align]
This event is popular and has been a huge success the past four (five?) years. More than an event for 'new' riders, this has proven to be a great end-of-season for many of us. Don't be shy...

This is a guided / swept ride so no maps, roll charts, ribbons or markers. We'll have some lead riders at the turnoffs and some sweep riders to make sure that everyone gets where they aught to be.

Please check out the photo gallery to seepictures from previous Noobie rides.

Thiswill be a great opportunity to ride with the group and swap stories and tall tales fromthis season's events / adventures.

If you have any questions post them. No need to let us know if you'recoming or not; we want to see you but hey; last rider out at 10:00!


We will again have a BBQlunch,put on by site sponsor BIG TOP POWERSPORTS of Chilliwack.

Besides Big Top, a few of our other sponsors, including Pacific Yamaha BMW, Western Powersports and Rubberside Down will be in attendance. You can expect to see a few demo bikes, some neat products, get some skills guidance andmaintenance advice, etc. etc..

These dealersare instrumental in maintaining this site and putting on events, so please do your part and support them.

We look forward to riding with you.

Mark Gray


Administrator / BFF in the blue jacket
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Big Top Powersports of Chilliwack will be hosting our lunch BBQ (along the Chilliwack River Road) and offeringbikes for test rides. Kudos to Monica & Jason for their continued support!:clap::clap:

Western Powersports of Langley will also be attending the event / offering technical advice & demos. Look for Marq or Roland and please thank them for being involved.

Josh from Rubber Side Down Apparel hasindicated that he will be on site at breakfast or lunch so you can check-out some of the great clothing he's bringing in for the DS market.

Dave from MOD will also be attending so you can see some of the terrific armour / skidplates his company is crafting.

You'll see our friends Brian, Sheldon & Aaron from Pacific Yamaha BMW bright & early. Check out their lineup and maybe you'll get a chance to demo one of their bikes while out on the trails...

I'll update you if I hear from other sponsoring dealers that express interest in joining us on Sunday, October 18th.