No Work Zone Jun 23rd- Sign up thread


Please post up if you are going to attend the ride. We would like to get a head count
If you don't sign up on this thread you can still show up the day of the ride and participate



The list

1) g450x - Our fearless leader
2) c337b
3) Mad Max - Cooking schedule sent
4) leppardb - B-loop track sent
5) beaver Steve
6) Vel
7) KidAgin - B-loop track sent
8) Taxguy - B-loop track sent
9) skidmark43
10) r_jackson - B-loop track sent
11) klrobert
12) bajaman
13) neuklr
14) Tazz
15) Gonebiking1
16) MikeyT
17) Bones -C & B-loop track sent
18) Loz
19) R2Beamer
20) canuck_fe - B-loop track sent
21) BMWgal
22) davidhowell
23) jcgirl
24) XChallenge - B-loop track sent
25) mtor01 - C-loop Sent
26) eviljimbo - C & B-loop track sent
27) DirtClunker - B-loop track sent
28) volcon - C loop sent
29) Randual - C loop sent *
30) offworlder - C & B-loop track sent
31) atk_nut - C & B-loop track sent
32) roughside
33) Ktm rider
34) Ktm rider Jr.
35) Redhed - C loop sent *
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Do you have a date for this event?
Sorry just read the header and see it is June 23rd.
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I see a bunch of threads, sign-up lists and camping unfo but no info about the ride/route. Anyone? ...Bueller?

Mad Max

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Hey Aqua,

There will be A, B and C routes. As well if anybody wants they can use Sunday to go burn up some fuel at Melrose. As for the routes, even WE don't know EXACTLY where they will be(trails wash-out,gates go up) but they will be a great time and should keep everybody smiling!

I hope you make it out,

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