No Work Zone Jun 23rd- Sign up thread


I remember coming down that section last year. I don't think I'll be riding up that! Thanks for the heads up. B route for me.

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Please post up if you are going to attend the ride. We would like to get a head count
If you don't sign up on this thread you can still show up the day of the ride and participate



The list

1) g450x - Our fearless leader
2) c337b
3) Mad Max
4) leppardb
5) beaver Steve
6) Vel
7) KidAgin
8) Taxguy - B-loop track sent
9) skidmark43
10) r_jackson - B-loop track sent
11) klrobert
12) bajaman
13) neuklr
14) Tazz
15) Gonebiking1
16) MikeyT
17) Bones - B-loop track sent
18) Loz
19) R2Beamer
20) canuck_fe - B-loop track sent
21) BMWgal
22) davidhowell
23) jcgirl
24) XChallenge - B-loop track sent
25) mtor01
26) eviljimbo - B-loop track sent
27) DirtClunker - B-loop track sent
28) volcon
29) Randual
30) offworlder - B-loop track sent
31) atk_nut - B-loop track sent
32) roughside
33) Ktm rider and son


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Going to have to count myself and jcgirl out. We can't make it to the Island this weekend. Bummed about that. Oh well....ya pays yer entry and ya takes yer chances.

Hope everyone has a blast and a fun ride! Stay safe :)