North by Northwest Video


Thanks man. I do enjoy watching the vids.

I have a cool vid of me and a black bear, but it does not belong on this forum, more for a Cabella's forum :)


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Not a politically correct video there

Awesome ride yesterday in the Upper Kitimat video.
Best part ...leaving for the evening cruise up the valley with CB and a meteorite comes streaking across the sky with sparks a that was incredible

One thing I still enjoy the nigh riding. ......whole new world out there at night on the trails.

Kitimat KLR

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Saturday's 600km run:clap:

:tup:Nice vid of the run up Salmon Glacier. I haven't made my "annual visit" yet this year. Hopefully sometime in the next few weeks... Just back from almost 3 weeks of riding around Okanagan & Kootenays....they've got some nice twisty roads down there and I'm sure there were more that I didn't find! The Varadero isn't too good on anything but hard packed trail ...need to get out on the KLR soon (if the battery isn't dead!)

Did you go a different route up to Kitsault? Looked a bit rougher than before.

Pleased to see the bears didn't catch you bush camping...
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And 2012 is already under way. Stay tuned for the first ride vid.

Here's a teaser:

Feb 10, 2012
2Trider + bchunter + Trials bikes + snowmobile trails + frozen lake = :hf:

2012 has begun :woohoo: