North Island Ride 2010 July 24th Weekend...

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Edit: I would like a confirmation for those names on the list and also what day you will show up: Wed, Thu or on Friday... If anyone interested is riding up on Wed or Thurs I could meet them in Cambell River and do a more entertaining backroad loop up to the campsite...

For this year I am looking at setting up on Wednesday evening July 21st for those that want to come up early... You'll be able ride on Thu-Fri before the bigger group shows up later Friday July 23rd... It will be a similar format to last years ride but with some different routes thrown in to keep it interesting... Pack up day will be Sunday July 25th..

Fees: This year the NI Ride will be a DSBC official event and will have a rider sign up fee of $5 that will go to maintaining this site...

Last years link:

Most of the riding will be bigger Adventure bike friendly- C routes with optional B stuff.... We have enough local riders that can act as guides to keep the groups smaller {less dust} for those that are happy to tag along and not have to navigate... I once again can pass along some area route maps for those that want to break off in their own groups to explore... Last year some of the more hardcore riders on the smaller DS bikes chose to venture off into the blue {more difficult} areas on the map to ride....

Pre Ride Link:

Those with GPS's- If you PM me your E-mail address I can send you some routes to download....

Bikes and Fuel:
The bikes you bring must be STREET LEGAL INSURED dual sport types... A fuel cell range of 200 KM is recommended to take in some of the longer routes.... The closest fuel/food/store is in Woss about 30KM from camp so you may want to top up on the way by...

Camping and other activities: Once again we will set up on Anutz Lake with the alternate being Atluck Lake if Anutz is full.... Unless you want to travel to Woss for meals, it is recommended you be self sufficient with meals and camp supplies.... The campsite has a fair amount of room for campers and trailers to set up and outhouse bathrooms.... With everyone swimming in it I recommend to boil or filter the lakewater before drinking it....
The lake is great for canoeing, swimming and beginner sailboarding.... Nimpkish Lake {the next one downstream} is a famous mecca for windsurfers.... There are some caves and karst formation close by as well....

Names so far:

1- Buck-Confirmed
2-Dublin 33-Fri
3 Shevthump 914-confirmed
4 Paul MC -confirmed
5 450 x-confirmed
6 Wick-Trimmer -confirmed
7 Frog 950-- ?
8 Mr Harrod-- ?
9 DS Dude -confirmed
10 Lucky FDP -confirmed
11 Shifty--?
12 Michelangelu-- ?
13 Shane-- ?
14 Kiwi-Fri
15 Freeze- Thu eve
16 Freeze Buddy-Thu eve
17 Randy S-- ?
18 NI 230-confirmed
19 Mrs 230-confirmed
20 Dirty Princess ?
21 Scotty 905-Fri pm
22 Mrs 905-Fri pm
23 Redhead-- ?
24 G Ham --?
26 OWD Neil- confirmed
27 OWD Kevin-confirmed
28 Riskman ?
29 04 KLR Wed/Thu
30 Matt J --?
31 Enprize ? PM not enabled
32 type2meister-- ?
33 Island swede- Tue/Wed
34 Roasted Knobby- Wed Night
35 Island Hopper- Tue night
36 Mrs Hopper - Thu

Max 50 Riders
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Campsite Map:

Option A Anutz lake: Take HWY 19 North From Cambell River {approx 1hr 40 min} to the Zeballos cutoff... Take the Zeballos road for about 2 KM and you will see the Anutz Lake sign to turn right... Stay on this road until you see the Anutz Rec area sign and then turn left and down to the lake...

Option B Atluck Lake: Instead of turning at the Anutz cutoff continue on the Zeballos road for another 4 KM {+-} until you reach a y junction with signage... Take the right fork for about 2 KM and it will take you to Atluck campsite at the bottom of the lake....

We will put a DSBC arrow up at the Anutz cutoff directing you to which of the 2 campsites we will be using....


The road in is highlighed in red turn left off hwy19 just opposite the steele main...
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Mr. Harrod

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I'm In

Thanks David


DS Dude

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Hey Dave Bill and Frank from Comox will do it again Had such a great time last year that we are up for this year D S Dude on Dr 350 and Lucky FDP on Dr 400 and we will have Franks camper again Cheers:hb:'


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Hey David count me in as well, i always enjoy your rides

Brian:cool: :TTT: :D :hb:

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Hi Dave,

Yes, I'll be coming. Thanks for organizing the ride!!




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I'm in too! Bike is tuned and ready for a little cruise!!



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Hey Dave...we my need to camp at both lakes with all the people that are signing up.:tup:

beaver steve

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There's a good chance we will be there as well.

Keep up the good work Dave, hopefully a few less flats this year.:mad3: