North Island Ride 2010 July 24th Weekend...


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Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I didn't think of it, my work scheduled got changed and I won't be home in time to make it up for this one.


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very sorry to say I can't make it. Work and family obligations etc. Too bad; it's a highlight of my year. Hope you all have fun.


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I am forced to bail as well, need to be in Toronto on the 23rd. Another example of work getting in the way. I hope you all have a great time.

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At least Toronto isn't muggy this time of year.....Just kidding, you'll be sweating like crazy out there...

Catch you next time Taxguy...

For those equipped with GPS if you send me your E-mail address I can attempt to forward you some of this years routes to download....


I you have room still I would like to attend! I would show up late on friday!


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Dave, I'm bailing too.
Work has me out of province until Friday; will be tough to catch an afternoon ferry.
Sorry for the trouble. I thought this was 'the year' and had committed to participate in this cool event- so if there is any expense accrued please let me know.

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I have additional GPS tracks ready {Mapsource}, just PM me your E-Mail {if you haven't already} and I will forward them to you....

Pre-ride pics from today...

Viewpoint on the Elephant trail B loop


Lots of room at Anutz

Paul in Paradise on B loop #3

The lay of the land
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How to describe it ......AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!....all the loops are a blast to ride..SCENERY IS spectacular...there are some hidden treasures out there ...CAN'T TELL YA have to ride with us!!!!!..Paul.S


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A couple pictures of the " tea cup falls " not gonna find this one on any map....


Dave stepping over the hole Tahsish river ..


beaver steve

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I'm afraid work is getting in the way of our playtime this year so we're going to have to bail. Take lots of pix.

bs and Vel


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Anyone going to be at Anutz Wednesday night? I'll stop by see what the plan is for Thursday riding. I plan on being out there each day between thursday and Sunday but may end up "camping" a few nights in Woss.

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Paul, I am going to go set up Tuesday to camp until Sunday and a few others are coming early as well... If you have a tent come out and set up whatever night... I'd like to get the sheltered corner of the Anutz camping area claimed for our group...


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good on ya Dave.
will a KLR be able to make some of the "smaller ds'rs" options you mentioned? or should this trip be a RUM RUNNER ride, thx. planning to arrive thurs. with a possibility of wed.