Nubie ride sunday march 20 2011 tamihi campground chilliwack


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Details will be posted as they are figured out

Start 10 am - The first riders out will leave the start area at 10:00am

Trail Pass Yes - This event is FREE to Trail Pass holders. We ask that you have BCORMA Trail Pass to participate in this event. JavaJude will be at the Newbie Ride selling Trail Passes for anyone that needs one. The cost is $60 that supports DSBC and off road riding in BC. The Trail Pass is voluntary and we will be on the honour system when it comes to enforcement. Want to know more about the Trail Pass

Breakfast Yes - The Christian Motorcycle Association will once again be making breakfast for us. Cost for this awesome meal is $7.

EZ Loop Yes - There will be a "C" route with a little bit of everything. Dress warm as there will be some pavement sections.

Harder Loop Yes - Hawk and MikeO will be laying out this course. Be warned, they have been up there all winter cutting and clearing new trails. It'll Be Fun!!

Test Rides Maybe - Dealers are being called and asked to join us.

BBQ Lunch After the Ride YES - Our sponsor Pacific Motorsports will be hosting a BBQ after the ride. Come by and talk to the staff and take at look at some of the bikes they will be bringing out.
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If you don't have your Trail Pass you can purchase one from me at the Newbie Ride. I will also have ball caps available for sale. If you buy both then I will give you a deal.

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How much is the trail pass for the newbie ride? Also how long is the ride as I work on Sunday's so I am trying to figure out if I can make it?


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Wish I could come to this...the fall one was great but no go with riding...had knee surgery a few weeks ago! Have fun!


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To purchase a Trail Pass from DSBC the cost is $60.

I will be at the Flat Tire Social this Sunday (March 13) selling Passes and I will have them available at the Spring Newbie Ride next Sunday.

I can take cheque, cash or credit card. If you want to purchase a ball cap they are $15.

Trail Pass plus a ball cap is $70


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I'm not insured yet this year... do we need to be plated for this?

If you are riding the "C" course you have to be plated as there will be some pavement sections.

At least $200,000 3rd party liability insurance is required by the Provincial Government if you ride on any Forest Service Roads in BC, whether they are deactivateded or active.

If you are riding the "A/B" course then at the very least you HAVE to HAVE 3rd party liability insurance. You can purchase this on-line at the BCORMA website.


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Pacific Motorsports (formerly known as Pacific Yamaha/BMW) will be hosting a BBQ after the Newbie Ride. Make sure to visit the staff and thank them for taking on this task.


The $60 BCORMA pass is an annual fee. That breaks down to less than $.25/day. DSBC is a strong supporter of BCORMA, and IMHO, its a very reasonable price to pay for a critical voice in our community. While these trails (ie: the NewBie ride, etc...) are certainly not exclusive, asking folks to support BCORMA when participating in DSBC rides is simply a great way to garner support/awareness for BCORMA.


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I give money to the United Way, a Kid in South America, Hookers and most importantly to keeping our Riding areas and Forest Service Roads open. :tup:

My point is, it's about balance. I like to help worthy causes, but I need an outlet too!
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For markymcd and anyone else who doesn't understand what the $60 trail pass is all about take a look at what is happening south of the line:

This is what's happening in the USA and there are some very well organized and determined groups, such as Trails BC, who are determined that the same policies should be enacted here.

Tom wasn't kidding or exaggerating when he said we are in danger of losing the trails in the Chilliwack River Valley, but it's not just the trails that the "non-motorized" crowd want to kick us out of, it's the FSRs too. And if we don't have a strong organization to speak for us we will lose the right to ride those roads. BCORMA is the best advocate we have and if you ride a dual-sport motorcycle and don't feel you should contribute $60 to BCORMA to protect your right to ride it where and when you want then you have no clue about what is happening.

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Good to see those posts removed, that kind of discussion does little to promote anything that this site stands for.

My offering is that this is promoted as a Newbie/Nubie ride? My understanding is that this means for Beginners to Dualsport as opposed to one of the Regular events that occur. I don't see an issue with the Trail Pass at all and appreciate the work that the members do for all of us.

Suggesting that for this one and only Newb event the Trail Pass could be waived, and perhaps an incentive involved for those that appear with said Pass. The notion being that as a Newb event you are not only promoting Dualsport riding, at the same time showing where Trail Pass $ are going so to speak. Newbs would have to make the decision on their own whether to THEM it was a worthy cause with validity.

Just my inflational pennies worth


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Wish I could come to this...the fall one was great but no go with riding...had knee surgery a few weeks ago! Have fun!

Hope your knee's healin up! :)

I still have my wrist in a cast too...supposed to be for another week and a half, which puts it to about three days after the ride :(

I thought I was safe when I checked the site three days ago but now here it is!

Soo at least I'll be tryin to get out there on the moto and chillin at the Pac Mo tent showin the Giant Loop and MOD parts...just don't tell my doctors ;)

But I'll painfully have to sit out the actual ride part :(

As far as this other business is concerned for those who missed it markymcd essentially asked why we were being asked to pay $60.00 for this ride. What followed wasn't really an answer but more like an attack. It's all been pulled now for better or for worse. Markymcd was the first to ask what I believe more than a few would have asked (at least in their minds) and got punished for it.

It's not the first time I have read some poor replies on here. In fact the last time was the Fall Newbie ride. I ended up calling that person who was a Newbie (and a customer of mine and other supporters on here) and trying to persuade him to come out for the ride. He did and he enjoyed it...despite a less than warm welcome on the forum.

Markymcd is a good friend of mine that I ride with and he has been on more than a few of these rides. Unfortunately I know there were a few that already read the pulled responses and are already turned off. :(

I thought we wanted more riders in here and out there?

So what follows here is what I think should have been said. It's a little fragmented as this is an edit.

First off: Tom, Mark, Judy, Sharon and everyone else in the trenches do an awesome, thankless job!

Last year there was no BCORMA pass required for this ride but it was recommended and needed for Orca, Dead Zone and others I'm sure. I got one knowing that I wanted to support the trails and riding access etc.

So now someone reading that you need a $60 pass to ride the Nubie (NOOB, Newb) ride may not understand what's going on.

Sooo for people who may not be in the loop here's MY take (some of it gleaned directly from Tom during a 1 hour discussion before he left for Baja).

We need a voice (in numbers!) to keep access to ALL the types of riding we love. (Heck it seems sometimes that we may just need something to fight for all types of motorcycles. I've read some pretty crazy stuff in MCN [UK] about some Govt types lobbying to ban motorcycles!! They're envious obviously!)

As was mentioned, even logging roads can be and are affected.

Your $60 lasts for one year and it doesn't "line" anyone's pockets as far as the people doing the fighting for us is concerned.

Also as was mentioned in the US lots of land (BLM and otherwise) is under threat.

It's just not something that's going to get better on it's own.

So that's why you want to be a BCORMA member.

Most people who frequent this site a lot probably already know too.

It's also why everyone on this ride and all rides will hopefully be a member.

Now everyone reading this thread knows why it's so important and BCORMA membership is encouraged.

So to those that have friends who ride this kind of stuff and may not be up on all the details encourage them to be a member too. :) Safety (err power) in numbers they say!

Lastly but not least thanks again to all the tireless souls who fight for our rights!

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$15 bucks goes back to DSBC. No better cause Scorpion. Includes stickers. $45 is used to help prevent great riding areas from being closed and to create and maintain others. Not just for carving gnarley single track that would never see a KLR. The more trail passes the louder our collective voices....... As long as our voices don't exceed 96db.
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Why is it $60.00 for a trailpass from DSBC and $45.00 online direct from BCORMA?

The extra 15.00 makes you a supporting member of DSBC if you go to the BCORMA site there should be a box for you to check to do that, then the price goes to 60.00

Its up to you how much you want to support the sport in particular DSBC. Regardless of what you decide the trail pass is honored as your support of the sport. Remember the trail pass will get you discounts, riding school, memberships with other clubs, ride discounts, not to mention our efforts to keep the riding areas open and access to crown land.

Thanks for your interest


I've enjoyed the light heartness of this forum - until recently. There was a comment from the administrator to a gentlemen commenting on being
unable to afford the $60.00 trail fee. His suggestion was for the rider to "f ... off" if he didn't want to pay it. The comment was retracted, but hundreds of forum viewer's (like myself) did read it.

In this economic downturn I'm going to be empathic to the gentlemen who obviously struggled with finding the extra $60.00 for the trail fee.
I felt the administrator's comment unnecessary and it invites a new level of negative energy in this forum. Personally speaking I find there is enough negative energy happening on this planet right now - and this forum is my one of my good positive sources, I allow myself to refuel on.
Let's continue to keep this forum light and it's vibe on a positive note. If the rider is short on cash to pay the trail fee, I am happy to front the difference.