Ok jokes over, who who snatched my door prize gloves??


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now those gloves are having fun!
perhaps a name change from Righty/Lefty to Itchy and Scratchy?


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Righty and Lefty have been away for a while, we thought we'd say hi! We went down to the states - lots of friendly folks there.

Hi y'all

Where were we? Some clues here

Give up? OK, here you go. And with this picture, I guess my cover is blown. It's been fun but it is finally time reveal who is behind the dastardly glove heist.


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i'm not sure that i know this fella? but if he is behind the greatest glove heist of the century, i tip my hat to you sir! Or is this just some dude that you found and planted when you were down in moab, possibly about a week before i was there with my buddies on the bus in late april? still hope to get reacquainted with my gloves at this years loose screw ride?


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I was following this thread when I was down south. I was going to get you a new pair from Langston's shop, but don't know your size.
So if they don't show, I will get some next year. What size? cheers, S