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Welcome to the SIXTH Annual DSBC Vancouver Island ORCA RUN Dualsport Rally!!!

May 24, 25, 26 ... The Ride is on Saturday, May 25

Registered riders only. Riders meeting is at 0830, Saturday May 25 at the Group Campsite

A downsized event for this year with a choice of C loops covering scenic backcountry sections of Vancouver Island!

Based in the beautiful Cowichan Valley at Gordon Bay Provincial Park on Cowichan Lake.


A full service campground with hot showers and flush toilets!

25 tent maximum in the group site. Register soon before they are gone.

Once the group campground is full (max 25), you must reserve a separate private site using the parks website.

There is room for a few RV's and buses. Register now to get a space.

The Group Campground has a grassy area for a maximum of 25 tents, a large covered picnic shelter with picnic tables, counter work space, electricity, running water, and two wood stoves.

As well as a group bonfire site with benches.

The village of Cowichan Lake has restaurants, motels, gas and supplies.

Online registration ... http://www.dualsportbc.com/forums/showthread.php?11968-2013-Orca-Run-Registration

Your fee will include two nights camping in the group campground only (max 25), GPS routes, Saturday evening barbecue and a T shirt.

Use the Discussion thread for comments and questions, thanks.

Please do not start a new Thread. (too many threads make it difficult to navigate)

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Register here


The first 25 get a tent site in the group site

All others must reserve a private site on their own using the park website


Share the space with your friends to lower your cost

(As of April 20, 2013, with space available, there is no need to reserve your own campsite,
unless you prefer a private site, or drive an RV or bus.)

Look for your name here if you have registered


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A BCORMA TRAIL PASS is suggested but optional.

You can get one from your local club or on line at www.bcorma.ca .

Make sure you identify yourself as DSBC

Thanks for your support!
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Riders Meeting is at 0830, Saturday at the Group Campsite. You can start anytime after that.

This is not a competitive race, more of a scenic day ride and social event with like minded riders.

Simply choose and follow a route(s) on your GPS. (routes will be emailed to registered riders a few days before)

Gas, supplies and food are available in many communities along the routes... Duncan, Lake Cowichan, during

normal business hours.

Start with a full tank and top up when available.

Carry tools and flat repair supplies and ride with a buddy or a small group.

Cell coverage is limited, carry a First Aid Kit.

Enjoy the ride!



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As of now the Group Site RV/ Bus area is full.

We have reserved more tent space to 40 plus, and might increase it again if needed.

At this time with space still available, if you have registered, there is no need to reserve your own campsite, unless you prefer a private site, or drive an RV or bus.

Check here for your name if you have registered by mail...


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Here is the new logo . Choice was gray or brown.. We went with the dark gray tshirt on left.


Originally Posted by Cord

Will there be the same food trailer on site this year? Or does that not work with this campground?




You guessed it.

No food trailer but we are supplying smokies, hot dogs and veggie burgers on our barbecue for Saturday night all included.

And anyone can use the Barbecue as well..

Scott Riskman will offer his 3 burner Camp Chef and 2 burner Coleman stove for your use.

Serious Coffee has supplied lots of great coffee. :)

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We have put together three GPS routes. (Look for highlights in the picture thread).

Glenora - Deerholme ; Mt Prevost - Mt Sicker ; and Mt Bolduc - the WW II plane crash & war grave site.

Many intersections are flagged using red & green flagging tape but don't try to navigate using these only, use your GPS or follow a rider that has one.
We were out all weekend finalizing the routes, (there is still a lot of snow over 3,000 ft.)

GPS tracks will be emailed by Wednesday. We suggest highlighting the routes on your copy of Backroads Mapbook - Vancouver Island, to make navigation easier.


Important Info, please read

Important Info, please read


With only time to make a C loop this year, we expected a smaller event (25 riders) and chose this Provincial Park campground with great features -- hot showers, a covered shelter with wood stoves, picnic tables, water, electricity, location etc..

With over 80 entries, a larger and more remote location would've been better.. perhaps next year!

The downside? Gov't rules and regulations which can't be ignored.

The big concern is excessive noise with 80 motorcycles arriving, coming and going.

DualsportBC and the Orca Run prefer to leave a good impression on the parks staff, other campers and residential homes near the entrance.


Your motorcycle must be quiet. Do not rev the engine. Ride in a higher gear to keep noise down.

Speed limit is only 15 km/hr in the Park..

Speed limit on Walton Rd (the entrance) is 50 km/hr.

From Lake Cowichan village to Gordon Bay, the speed limits are anywhere from 30 km/hr to 60 km/hr

RCMP patrol these roads and are eager to raise revenue, so save the hooliganism for the backcountry!

Thanks for keeping this in mind throughout the event.


General Campground rules from the Parks website:

General Campground Regulations

Many campgrounds have specific rules and guidelines. Please check the relevant BC Parks web page before visting the campground.

  • Visitors must leave and park gates are closed by 11:00 pm, unless otherwise stated in the park. Only registered campers are allowed in the campsite after 11:00 p.m. Check information at the park for specific details, as some park gates close or open earlier.
  • Excessive noise is not permitted. Please remember that sound travels further in open air, especially music and loud talking.
  • Liquor consumption is prohibited anywhere in the park with the exception of your campsite.
  • Barbecues must be used on the ground unless barbecue attachments are provided on picnic tables.
  • Firearms: For your safety, firearms are prohibited. For more information, go to Fishing & Hunting Information.
  • Bears: To avoid potential problems with bears, lock your food in your vehicle at night. Be sure to use the garbage containers provided and maintain a clean campsite. Never feed or approach bears. More information on bear safety.
  • Trees and shrubs are easily damaged; do not use them for wiener sticks. Leave flowers and others plants to grow.

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Barbecue! :br:

Smokies, hot dogs and veggie burgers for Saturday night all included.

And anyone can use the barbecue for their own use as well.

Scott- Riskman will offer his 3 burner Camp Chef and 2 burner Coleman stove for your use.

Serious Coffee has supplied lots of great coffee for Saturday morning. :cf2:

If you could bring a few pieces of firewood in your truck or on your bike for our group campfire, that will be appreciated by all. :tup:

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Instructions for arrival at campground : (Friday after 2pm)

View the map here - http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/exp.../gordonbay.pdf

Go directly to the Day Use parking lot, (the large crescent shaped lot by Park headquarters)

(Do not turn left to the park gatekeepers kiosk unless you have personally reserved your own private campsite.)

Park your bike/truck/RV in the Day Use parking lot, and walk down the lane into the Group Campsite across the road.

Check in with Kiwi at the Registration table. (by the red van in the Group Campsite)

We will then direct you where to set up camp.


Saturday only Riders (not camping):

Park in the Day Use parking lot and walk down the lane to the Group Campsite registration table to check in.

Arrive after 730 am

Riders meeting is at 830 am

(registration check in, will be continued after the riders meeting)


Please remember to ride slowly and quietly. 15 km/hr in the park.


We could use a few volunteers to help direct parking Friday afternoon / evening and especially Saturday morning from 730 to 830 am. Thanks!

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