Orca Run 2011 - Thanks for a great run!


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I just want to say thanks to the organizers of this event. This was my first Orca Run, but I'll definitely be back next year!

I did the A loop yesterday and thought it was a great mix of trails. I've ridden a lot of them before, but they were strung together into a great ride. :clap:

I'm so glad the weather held in there for us on Saturday, but I did have a brutal ride home down the Malahat in the pouring rain. I'll just chalk that up as part of the adventure. :D

I'm looking forward to seeing 950sm's (and anyone else's) pictures and hearing how it went for everyone.


Ditto to what motogirl said...thanks to everyone for putting on such a great event!...this was also my first Orca Run...did the C route on the KLR and discovered some great places to visit again. Already looking forward to next year!


Agreed. That was such a great event. Also, thanks for arranging the weather so that Friday and Saturday were perfect.

Much appreciation for all the organizers, volunteers and sponsors.

And thanks to my new riding buddies for allowing me to tag along and sharing their wisdom. It was nice to baptize the Scrambler in the dirt.



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Once again an awesome event,Thanks to all the organizers, volunteers,sponsors and the caterer for the great burgers and the breakfast sandwich,that started the day right.
We lucked out on the weather again! Rode the B route with a great bunch of guys at a good pace.:hb:


Much thanks indeed for a great ride ! Kudos to the entire Orca Run team !
Rode the C route, and was in awe of the stunning vistas, beautiful farmlands, and seamlessly stitched together route - just enough mud, puddles, and up and downs to keep a GS happy - brilliant !
Will be returning to the island for more exploring, as it appeared endless !


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Such a great event! Had a blast in camp reconnect with friends and meeting new people too. Rode the B route and loved it. Last year I only managed a portion of the course, completed the entire route this time. The whoops trail was my favorite for sure :) Perfect weather on saturday, big thanks to the volunteers, organizers, and sponsors!


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Hats off to all the Orca Organisers, you guys have outdone yourselves again. We rode the A route and had a blast, got lost on the A3 section (like we do every year) and the Serious Coffee Gang came and showed us the way. Broke lots of little parts on my Husky so its off to the shop today to buy stuff, Im sure others are doing the same thing, so your sponsors should be seeing a spike in small parts sales.

Great Job, see you all next year



Huge thanks to all involved. A special nod to Mark and the guys on the bus for making this noobie feel welcome and safe. It was a blast! Bring on the B trails!
C Ya next year!