Orca Run Photos


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Julius - "Follow me"

BMWRocke - "Look at me"

Bugsinteeth - "*@%! me"

Fab ride guys. Can't wait for the next one. :hf:
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Great Weekend !!!


Nice Campsite :hb:

Great Veiws

At the Top of the B+++++++ Route Becouse TG6 Said THERE IS NO A LOOP !!!

Sorry Trialslord This is The Best Picture I Could Get Of You GASGAS

There Were Just To Many People Standing Around It In Amazement :tup:






Thanks For The Ride



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Cool pics, it was an awesome day for a ride!

The Husky pulling the BMW is the best picture of the day.:dr:


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Mike -buck- & Jennifer riding in two up from a long, 'C' Sweep ride !! :hb:


Island Hopper

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TL into the Whoops

Out of the hole...

Frog on the same one...

Get out of the way Hopper...

Break Time...


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Do you think I would let just any bike pull the BMW?:ted: I kept it in the family and let my poorer cousin help out:D


For those who are interested, it was the sidestand switch. Twisted all three wires together and fell in love with the bike again:p.

pacchman wrote:
Cool pics, it was an awesome day for a ride!

The Husky pulling the BMW is the best picture of the day.:dr:


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Mini RR - Paul& Steve's ORCA Adventure

Friday we managed to get our stuff together and make it in plenty of time to make the 3PM ferry. The benefit of loading first is nice, beats sitting in the truck


A few more fellows showed up and eventually so did TG6, which I had totally forgotten about. It was a nice coincidence, and he showed us some nice twisty narrow roads between Swartz bay and the bottom of the Malahat.

TG6 has to run to town (Vic) so we continued up the Malahat. We stopped briefly to enjoy the view, but we had plans to meet the other two guys at Shawnigan Lake so we took off promptly.


Our best laid plans (none really) had a "chance" rendezvous with the rest of our group at the Black Swan PUB located conveniently close to our B&B.


We arrived 5 minutes before the other 2 and soon we all enjoyed a terrific dinner. Good food, friendly fast service. Nice. Not being ones to embibe and ride, we picked up our beer to go. A man and his bike, and his beer, it's a beautiful thing.


We were up at 6:15 or so and after morning coffees and a quick run to the subway for breakfast we arrived at the campa fewminutes before the riders meeting. It was cold, and the campers froze their butts off the night previous. The sun was out and the riding would soon warm everyone up. Pumping up your tire by hand is a good way to warm up as well.


After a few loops around in circles, we found the track we were after and were soon winding our way through some sweet singltrack and double track. Loamy greasy woods riding. Perfect!


We soon caught the pack of riders that had left earlier, and a few traffic jams ensued. This was to be expected with such a great turnout. There was some very challenging terrain that tested the riders of the bigger bikes perhaps more than those of us the lil' dirt bikes.


It was around here that we met up with stratus, and he had some familiarity with the area - more so than any of the rest of us, so we quickly rode ahead with him and his pals. He's on the orange bike the photo above. He posted some great pictures already, thanks:tup:.

Lots of variety in terrain, steep hills, whoops,side hill, all great! We devoured it all and then headed back to camp for a quick snack.Maybe fifteen minutes later, we were heading back out in the other direction to get some more single track in before lunch.


[more to come...]


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Mini RR - Paul & Steve's ORCA Adventure continued...


So on this next loop was more tight stuff, and the big soupy mud bog and (you saw the photos already). There was this one funny section before the mud bog where the first time through (yes it was so nice, we rode it twice) I watched one of our group wipeout over thisslick log. Once he had cleared himself up, I proceeded to dump my bike EXACTLY the same way he did.:shoot:. The next time through I took a different line and went through cleanly.


Oddly also, since I was on a roll, I proceeded to dump it in the puddle before the mud bog. I enjoyed the big mud pit, of which stratus has the great photos posted, and it had a surprisingly deep hole on the right side. The 2ndtime through it I had a little too much speed and had a nice brown wave come up and over the bow.

A gnarly little climb up some rocky stuff was a challenge for a few of us, here Steve rips it up.


After a few more unscheduled trips to the ground, by others hehe, we split up as some of us needed to buy lunch at the pub and others needed to go get their lunches at camp. We had some great food at the Black Swan, again.


And then headed back out for some more punishment.I have to admit that I had a days worth of riding already, and would have been content to stop then. But, you also want to make the most of the trip - so off we went back into the mountains.


I believe we were off-track in about 10 minutes, and spent the next few hours riding all kinds of terrain, some of which may have been the actual route. Other parts were some trials course perhaps. Maybe some of it was A loop, who knows. It was great though.


Almost impossibly steep loose rocky hillclimbs, stream beds, mud, puddles like small lakes. It had it all. One of the gang decided we needed a break, so he got a flat which gave us all a chance to relax and enjoy the scenery for a few minutes while he promptly changed it.


There was some gnarly stuff up and down here, and all riders handled the terrain with gusto!


Any effort at remaining dry had been abandoned way earlier in the day, and we all had a good boot-soup brewing.


We all made it back in one piece totally spent by day's end. My clutch hand worn right out from the tight trails, I'm going to have to look into one of the Rekluse clutches...


Many thanks to the organizers of the Orca dualsport, terrific event! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and will not hesistate to return. Thanks also to our riding partners who made it a great day as well!:tup:

The End.


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What a great weekend

Again I must thank the Island Guys for a superb event.

I seem to be spending more time riding instead of taking pictures, so its a good thing that so many of us have cameras with us.

Finally got a break so I could take a picture of the trail, sweet steep downhill, couple of big rocks that made me wish I bought the big skidplate.


Looking back at Bugsinteeth.


The Woopps




Another nice trail.




The Campsite with The Bus




Paul not wanting to stop for a photo op




Thats it for my pictures, sure had a good time. See you all next year



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Sorry to see you all are having a really dry year down there.

Not even a single drop of water is sight....just dust, dust, dust. ;)