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Passmore to Applegrove


New member
Thanks for the vid - really helpful. I'm planning to do this in the summer - and come back down the Granby to Grand Forks - I guess from comments on the video that it's easier to go from Passmore to Applegrove as the uphill in that direction is the looser trail - and the downhill is a logging road.


Yes, Passmore -> Arrow Lake is the easier way. We came back the same way that day, there were a few mild pucker moments heading down that lumpy east side.

And then there was the "picnic" right in the road just before we hit Koch FSR. HUGE flat spot off the south side of the road. Maroons!


New member
I just watched the video, that brought back some memories. I think I will try and do the run again this year, if anyone from the Okanagan is interested.