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does anyone have a good route? (scenic, waterfalls, ghost towns?) I recently went up the Jasper hwy. took the beaver/bowron fsr but should have kept going to the Bowron fsr. when I realized what I had done I did not have enough fuel to try and make it thru. So I took the slab drive of shame:D to barkerville then to Merritt via fsr.:cool:
I've done this ride several times in the summer and a couple of times in the winter (on snowmobiles) and Crispy52 is partially right, there will be bugs. The ride isn't the most scenic ride but it's not bad either. You'll pass several beautiful lakes and cross the Willow River at one point. There are no ghost towns along the way but there are a few old structures as you get closer to Wells. There are some good eating places in Wells and you can get fuel there. The folks at the General Store (Carol and "Grizzz") are very knowledgeable of the local roads so they might be helpful if you want to continue on past Wells or Barkerville. There are tons of roads around Barkerville and you can loop out to Likely, Horsefly or Canim Lake on the dirt or jet out to Quesnel if you're the type that likes pavement.

The ride to Wells from PG is mostly on poorly maintained Forest Service Roads but there is one short (500m?) section near the middle that's brushed in but definitly not impassible – even with a big dualie. There's lots of roads in this area but it's not really easy to get lost; the key intersections are marked with signs but they're up high so they can be seen in the winter. If you get to an intersection and you're not sure, take the road that's most heavily travelled. If you're still not sure, look around for a sign nailed to a tree.

For another nice trip, start heading towards Wells from PG and watch for the Narrow Lake FSR heading east before Stoney Lake. The Narrow Lake Road takes you to, uh, Narrow Lake which is kind of a nice looking place. From there you can go to the Bowron River, past Tumuch and Slim Lakes and back out to Highway 16 at Hungary Creek. It's decent scenery (if you like that sort of thing; rushing rivers, steep mountains, snow-capped peaks, etc.) since you're in amongst the Cariboo and (I think) Monashee Mountains. I've seen some wildlife on these routes too (bears, moose, lynx, etc.). Another big bonus is that when you come out onto Hwy 16, there is very good grub at the Purden Lake Lodge. They also have fuel. You could also make a bigger loop out of it by zipping over to the Walker Creek FSR and coming out on the North Fraser. Choices.

None of the riding along these routes is too difficult but it's pretty remote at times and as you know, there's no cell coverage at all. Again, for the most part it's on poorly maintained FSRs and with the amount of rain that's happened this year, there should be a few washouts and slides.

I'm not sure if I've answered your questions but I've certainly shared some info.


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Wayne a little unclear here, so I should have went up highway 16 to Bowron fsr and follewed it thru to wells?
also another route would be narrow lake to bowron and take a right to wells?
I've never taken the Bowron FSR to Wells. I always take the Willow FSR and I usually go east up the Buckhorn Road from Hwy 97 south of PG. You'll start to see snowmobile signs high up on the trees just east of St. Marie Lake. If you did take the Bowron FSR from Hwy 16, you could head west on the Narrow FSR (past Narrow Lake) and connect up with the Willow FSR. From there it's south past Stoney Lake and on to Wells. You can get into some beautiful scenery on the Bowron FSR but besides the Narrow FSR, I dont know how to get to Wells from there. In the winter, lots of people park their trucks and trailers around Tsitniz Lake and from there they either ride to Wells or up Mt. George. There are plenty of signs on the trail from there to Wells but they're up high on the trees.

I hope this helps.


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We are planning a trip in June or July this year out of PG. Scharf wants to camp in the Wells area. We are likley going in via the 2400 rd and coming out via the 700. You still meet in the Stony Lake area.


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I will be back in Prince George around July 6th or so for a couple weeks and was planning to do this route and including the yanks peak area over to Likely