Proposed Kids Off Road Learning Area Tamihi


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javajude on the forum is Judy.

I like the poker run idea, but you're right, numbers could be tough in the monsoon season. We've also been talking about an 'On Any Sunday' pub event as a fundraiser.

Excellent - thanks for setting up this donation method - you made it easy to contribute. Just saw this thread today, although I have been logging on frequently. Only 15 respondents so far... I wonder if others are missing this thread too? There must be many who can spare a little cash to show appreciation for all the work that has been done on their behalf, as well as invest in the future of the sport we share. Can you mail-out the link to the members to request donations?
If everyone who sees this on the forum shares the link on facebook it may help. There is a share option on the donation site. Things seem to move fast on social media.


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Yes this is pretty sad

There are some people that are users out there and there are many that are givers. I am glad that I know more givers. However I personally dont like those who openly promote their low-end lifestyle.

These types are in every walk of life and thankfully are in the minority. It seems though that in the world of dirt biking in BC and I include Trials here too, that we have more than our fair share. They are even proud they do nothing to keep the sport going or growing?

While President of BCORMA I found dirt bikers were always standing with their hands out for something, yet did not want to or did not know how to put something back in. Im not talking about everyone but there are enough to make it really hard for the guys trying to make a difference.

I could go on for some time about this, but I really want to thank all of the volunteers and supporters of DSBC and all those unnamed dirt bikers who do care and do help. The guys who go out there and clear trails from slides, fallen logs, face slappers and, support the local clubs, deal with the local officials and promote events These guys know how much it costs in time and personal money to keep our sport growing.

Very well put.
LordEndo, I like the idea of showing "On Any Sunday" (I'm assuming you were talking about the as yet unreleased in Canada new one?) and getting some funding from the screening. I wonder when the new "On Any Sunday" is coming out in Canada, I bet we could get a lot of people out…
Maybe a fundraiser at the Rio theatre in Vancouver
Or we could project it on the white painted cinderblock wall of the factory in the HUGE empty lot beside my house and everyone brings their own chair…
Heck, we could even set up a mini course on the lot…
And play ExciteBike on the big screen!


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Thanks guys I appreciate the help and every little bit makes a difference. Time is always of the essence, but with the holiday season just around the corner we wont be able to get started until the new year, still time to get it finishes for the beginning of the riding season.

This also gives us time to raise the last few bucks. Im just not the kind of guy that likes to wait till the last minute.

We will be mapping the area tomorrow and will post an update for everyone to see

Our final hurdles will be the Archaeological and Environmental reports, which should be no problem Im told.


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You know ill be there helping digging etc for the next crop of riders to be spawned however is there a Paypal email setup we could use to donate Tom? can you set one up, that would make it easy to receive funds for this venture.
It is very important to have a learning area for kids, not only to teach them riding properly, but riding bikes instead of you know what... (has 4 wheels and always lands on you when you crash)
Tamahi is getting a lot of exposure now and the holy grail of Perish Hill, thanks to Hawk and crew, is now the "ride we must do" for a lot of riders.


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I just looked at the fund me site, congratulations to whole 11 people who donated LOL. .

That's the kind of sardonic response I'd expect from some fanatical tree hugger......and you represent yourself as a trials rider??? Well, you know what they say "If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem. So, Mr Kaos, I challenge you directly to prove me wrong and make a donation to this very worthwhile project. It doesn't matter how much, whatever you can afford will be fine. Just do it. In years to come you'll be glad you did.



I spent about ten days this past summer riding Bear Creek in Kelowna. They charge $15 per day, which I felt was fair considering how well signed and mapped it was. Someone would check that you had a valid pass on the weekend, but during the week it was by the honour system. Tamihi is certainly
worth paying for too. Costs me about fifty in gas for the pickup to get there and back from Coquitlam, and this has never stopped me from coming for
a ride. Finding the free time from work and life responsibilities is the real issue, not a couple bucks either way.
Sure would be nice to have a place to teach my young son (and another soon to follow) next year. I learned to ride at the foot of Fell Rd in North Van when I was a child, now it's the Northshore Automall. I liked it better when it was known as the "sandflats", way back in the olden days. I taught
my little brothers there too. Good times, great memories. Our kids and grandkids ought to have the same benefits.



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Any chance I can donate not through the website. I don't use credit cards.

Hi Chilliwackwestie

I will happily take a cheque from you for this project. You can mail it to:

24179 8th Avenue
Langley, BC V2Z 2Z1

Make the cheque payable to DualSportBC and on the memo line note that it's for the Kid's Riding Area.

If you would rather give cash then meet up with Tom at Tamahi staging area or campground on any given weekend and he'll happily take your cash.

If you want more info email me [email protected]



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Unlike the rest of you guys, sitting in your warm houses, drinking hot chocolate and surfing the net. Neil and I have been outside all day, has not gotten above freezing here, in fact is damn cold. Anyhow we have managed to get the whole kids loop mapped and photographed today then we went out riding and cleaned up some trail until dark.

I will look into it, and report back


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I did swing by there a little before dark and no one home.
glad you made it back warm!
froze my ass on slab back cuz the dirt was dam slick around the water thru the back.


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So funding is coming along nicely! Great to see another corporate sponsor (anonymous) and thanks to everyone who has generously donated so far. We had about 140 people at the fall noobie ride - I don't see 140 donations yet! :rolleyes:

So far (that I can tell) the only corporate sponsors are UBSafe (Ian Rood....that good lookin' devil) and Anonymous. C'mon evil corporate world of thrill craft! Let's get donating, get your name on a plaque at the training area and make this thing happen!


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Time to bump this thread back to the top of the list.

C'mon people, this is a very worthwhile project. When we reach our $10,000 goal we'll get an additional $60,0000 from the gov't. So, follow the link and donate what you can - every little bit helps.