Register April 1st if you plan to go


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Well, it looks like OMC have posted the dates on their site for the 2010 Sheetiron. May 22-23.

This is a very popular 'limited entry' two-day event. If you plan to attend then watch the OMC website and follow the rules for registration... Entries cannot be post-marked prior to a certain date; and then the list fills within a very few days.

Rumour has it that the bus will be going, (depart Vancouver Wednesday May 19 & return Monday May 24):

  1. Tom T
  2. Sharon R
  3. Mark G
  4. John V
  5. Neil H
  6. Judy V


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It appears that there is still space on the bus :hb:

Tom wants to leave on the Thursday morning, early enough so that we miss Portland rush-hour traffic. So that means the bus should depart Surrey between 8 & 9am.

It's a 16-18 hour drive, so we probably won't push all the way through to Stonyford; maybe stay in a motel in Yreka or Redding; arrive at the Rodeo grounds at a decent hour Friday morning.