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Here's a new thread for folks wishing to offer some thoughts from the weekend at the No Work Zone Ride.

Me and Vel had a great time meeting new folks/friends and a bit of a workout on the ride...we'll deal with the aches and pains later. The A loop was just tough enuf to make us sweat and the bikes boil over like steam locomotives. The skies parted just in time although the view from the top was kinda misty. Got a little swag thanks to the sponsors and it wasn't too spendy.

Whiskey Creek was surprisingly busy this afternoon with 3 other RV's and about a dozen plus riders showing up. A little show and tell and a good hard ride led to cold beers and good times afterwords.

Cheers, bs out.


No Work Zone Ride 2012

No Work Zone Ride 2012

:clap:I had a great time meeting new Guys and Gals and hooking up with Riders from the past...
Thanks to Steve and Val for extending the Awning as it seemed when it was Happy Hour the sky opened up... well better then I guess than while riding... Thanks also to Mark for a Fabulous Breaky! and Supper along with Glen with Fresh caught Halibut pork steaks! Man you guys cook! Campfire time was good!
The ride was great thanks to all involved in putting this on! Sponsors,Volunteers and all participants!
Fun time!!