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Hey troops,

As you probably know, this ride is a two day event, where DS riders meet up with the street riders at a predetermined camping area for dinner and socializing on Saturday night, then a Sunday morning breakfast and the ride back home, usually with options.
What makes this ride really appealing (especially with the dirtier riders from the lower mainland) is that for the $50 entry fee, your camping gear (and small cooler), if transported to the GV clubhouse before Saturday morning, is delivered to the meeting place.

In the past, it has been places like Boston Bar, Lillooet, or Tulameen. Sunday's options have included the Whipsaw, Caroline mines or Spius forest service road.

This year, the meeting place will be at Canyon Alpine in Boston Bar (rooms are available for those that don't do camping).

As those of you who have done this ride before realize, there really isn't an interesting a route out of the lower mainland. It involves lots of asphalt up to Harrison lake, up the east side and over the Kookipi pass, down a fast loose gravel road along the Nahatlatch to Keefers, then down to the ferry at Boston Bar. This is option A (natch, the interior riders are a different issue...)

Option B is that we (DS riders) get their own camping gear up to Boston Bar by early Saturday morning, and do a couple hundred km's loop before the evening's festivities. Then Sunday, do another, shorter loop before pointing ourselves homeward.

Any questions, comments?

In case I've left any doubt of my bias, I like option B (but then, I might just take
Friday off and ride up anyways....)

What say you???

A decision will have to be made soon, so please post before next Tuesday.



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I'm dying to learn where this Ferry is at Boston Bar!

I think I'd prefer option C:tup:

Cheers Ian:hb:


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What will the cost for camping be if we show up?

Maybe some riders from this area would be able to make a good Saturday ride to the site and then a different rout back.I think there should be a long gravel/dirt section that could get us from Kamloops to BB

Yeah...sounds like FUN FUN FUN!!!


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Hey Joker,

Hope you can make it up. Lucky dog, I'd love to be in on a ride from Kamloops - but it would probably suck unless it was friday, so you could join us on Saturday!:ted:

As far as the GVMC is concerned, the ride includes camping and a couple of meals for 50$. You can contact the Canyon Alpine for more info. By the way, everyone was very impressed by the meals last year.

At this point, the idea is to ride down to Princeton and back to BB on Saturday - "eh" riders can do the Whipsaw, and we'll find some easier route(s) back for the bigger bikes. This will be a pretty full day's ride.

The Sunday ride'll probably be kept down to 5 hours or so, to give folks a chance to get back and head home at a reasonable hour.