Routledge Pre Ride Coq to Tulameen June 4 2011

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More pic's. Ya I think it's time for a new camera. This one seems to not focus at a distance.


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Thanks for taking the camera Scott,

The Routledge route will l be taking the C riders from Coquihalla Lakes across to the Tulameen River Road, it is completly clear of snow except for a couple of patches

Yesterdays route started us from the Brenda Mine Exit
  • Followed the Quad route paralleling the East side of the Coq sometimes reffered as the TCT
  • Coquihalla Lakes to Tulameen via Lawless to Olvine to Tulameen River FSRs
  • South East out of Tulameen into the mountains way above the KVR (also reffered to as the TCT) to the China Ridge Snow Patch Ski Area.
  • We had lunch at China Ridge and road back with some nice B sections in between
  • Had to stop in Tulameen for gas and John to install his aftermark Axle Bolt
Dont know for sure the exact mileage but Im guessing something like 250 kms

this picture was on a unnamed route (TCT)

Here we have part of the B route and Neil clearing the trees for the quad riders

The section of the B route below will remind the riders of the Dead Zone

Bike wash, most likely will be out of order by the time we do the ride

KTM aftermarket rear axle locking bolt
Its orange and it worked
When Neil didnt have to cut tree, he would lay his bike down and melt the snow so the trail would be clear for the rest of us

More B route above Tulameen Coalmont

Look at this weather

The B route arrows, If you find these on a trail do not follow, we had nothing to do with them, we dont have any answers so dont ask any questions

epic day riding

Thanks Guys
Mark, John, John (dragon slayer), Scott, Peter and Neil


A quick correction; Carolin Mine exit (did you just call me Brenda?) I logged 220 kms, burned, thirsty, etc what a great day


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Thanks Guys
Mark, John, John (dragon slayer), Scott, Peter and Neil

Dragon Slayer??? Aw jeez, guys, now everyone's gonna think I'm that idiot from Survivor. Maybe I could live with Dragginbum Slayer. Does that work???

In any case it was a great day and a fabulous ride. That new B trail you cut for this event was absolutely awesome. This years Routeledge run is gonna be nothing short of sensational - can't wait.

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