Routledge Run 2011 July 1 Day One Route Sheets


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You have been waiting and we finally have the route sheets completed

Use this link to the DSBC photogallery site to download your information

There are two Garmin GPS files, .gdb and .gpx pick the one you want to use follow and download the instructions. These files are also included in the email that has been sent to all registered entries.
We do not provide any tech support for loading these files to your gps but you can ask here if you have troubles and hopefully someone can help you out

If you are not registered on the DSBC photogallery you may be required to enter a password before you can download, If you are registered for the event you will have recieved your password to download these files

Garmin .gdb here

Garmin .gpx file here
.gpx files confuse me, but heres how to download this file
get to the link, if you get to the page that looks like some cool html code just go back one click
Over the "Routledge Run July 1 2011 Garmin .gpx file" Right click and "Save Target As"
Save the file where you want it
Find the file, 1Routledge_day1.xml Ooops you will notice it has the wrong extention, dont ask because I dont know why.
Rename the file and replace the .xml with .gpx file should look like this now 1Routledge_day1.gpx
Open with your software and all should be good

The PDF of Day one Ride, you will need this to make sense of the maps and gps files

Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Map 4
Map 5
Map 6
Map 7
Map 8