Seat recontouring - anyone know anyone who does seat foam?

Back in the day, there was a guy in parts at Holeshot who would moonlight doing custom seat recontouring. He did great work on my DRZ and KTM seats, but he's long gone, and I've got a seat project (want to lower a bit) that I'd like to get done properly.

Yeah, I could troll my social circle to see who has a turkey carving knife I could borrow and risk butchering an otherwise nicely contoured seat. But I value a job well done, so paying someone who knows what they're doing is probably the better choice. Plus, I don't own any planers or heavy duty staplers for reattaching the cover, so this looks like a job for someone with both tools and talent that I don't possess. I've seen ghetto buckled and wrinkly seat covers and just don't want to go there.

Am based in the South Surrey area, so ideally someone in the metro Van/Fraser Valley area. If you or someone you know does this, please pm me.


Thanks Lag.

Funny, shortly after posting, I started wondering “why not try it?”

I had a spare seat-which was providential, as there was a fair bit of foam rot in the current. Bought some new grippy seat fabric for $30, and armed with Mrs. CM’s best kitchen knife and some flap wheels for sanding, I cut down the new seat and covered it, using the old one to practice on first.

Took way longer than a pro would have and made a couple of mistakes, but good enough, I think. Certainly, respect for the professionals who do this, it’s not easy work.