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Show is now over, So what did you think?


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
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This is my post so I get to start it

I dont have the numbers but my gut tells me that the MC show has far less number and is declining for the past two years:(.

This year I spent two days with DSBC and one day at BCORMA. The DSBC booth was always busy with lots of smiling people. The BCORMA booth was busier than previous years and lots of questions regarding riding areas and a big interest with Dirt Bike School. Talked to lots of parents. So although not as many people still a very good response from the guests.

Seemed to be a lot of non motorcycle related booths and businesses at the show. I miss the club participation as it was much greater in years past.

Also a much smaller local dealer participation at the show, not sure why.

As a worker I enjoy the shorter hours, but as a presenter that pays for a space I would be a little disappointed with the hours

All in all I would call the 2017 MC show a mild success. Hope the show organisers and presenters can come up with something to increase interest.

Again the DSBC booth and volunteers did a great job:clap:, Thanks to all those involved.




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I was given a pair of tickets so I didn't mind wandering around and looking at the bikes. That said, if I had paid to get in I would have been sorely disappointed. Very street oriented show.


Very street oriented show.
True, but I sure saw a fair number of these street bikes with TKC 80's :confused:

I'm was again disappointed with the lack of vendors selling off road riding clothing.....only one there that I saw was Checkpoint and they didn't have much of a selection, but I did manage to buy some funky looking (sure hope there not girls) dirt pants from them at a steal of $20. No luck finding an Enduro Jacket thou.

Great job at the booth, you had such a crowd surrounding you guys when I came by, I couldn't get close enough to say Hi.


Staff member
I enjoyed the show more for the kibitzing around the booth. Nice display from the British motorcycle club as usual.


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I enjoyed the show mainly to see old friends, and that did not disappoint. All weekend I saw old friends or acquaintances, that I don't see all year, except at the bike show. Especially now that we are up in Kamloops. Walking around not much interesting, to me the bikes were the same as previous years, although I know that isn't true. Not really a lot to see. I do miss seeing the club presence as well, made for more interesting views. Always enjoy the outside events, unfortunately the rain kept the crowds away to them as well.


My standard group of friends I've done the show with the last 15+ years gave up last year, and this year my brother declined too, so I spent Friday and Saturday either in the Pacific Riding School booth or wandering the show. You get a different perspective hanging out for a couple of days vs walking the isles for a couple of hours. Had a good time chatting up people walking by the PRS booth - people interested in street rider training or the Enduro course. Enjoyed talking to old BeeCeeBeemer or new DualSportBC friends - the steady booths that show up every year. It's a social event for sure. Food is still crap and overpriced though.

Most of the 'show' was Manufacturer's booths staffed by local dealers. I asked the Honda guys about Lawrence Hacking's Africa Twin - Honda Canada Dude knew nothing and didn't seem interested. Bike had a nice Anlas Capra-X on the rear, but the stock hand guards were totally broken and thrashed... Fun watching people crawling all over (and underneath) the Honda's and Suzuki's opposite PRS booth. Seemed people were either just wandering the show aimlessly (zombies) or there to specifically look for at or for something - I'm in the market for real Enduro boots - honestly there's more selection at Holeshot!

Was disappointed in vendors - the Dunlop booth had street tyres & dirt knobbies, no decent ADV tyres. SW Motech had lights? Mosko Moto had simple gear & the best location - right by the entrance to men's / ladies washroom.

It was good to see families, kids and new young riders there too - helmet box in hand, deposit on bike, signing up for a learn to ride course. I think the Popkum booth was interesting - have to go try some trials riding and get my Enduro bike out to their trails.

The show does provide opportunity for business meetings - saw the MotoVan guy connecting with dealers, Mr. Twisted (Erik) of Twisted Throttle was here from Rhode Island for his annual visit contacting dealers. So while we the public wonder about health of the 'bike show' - for the industry it's like a beginning-of-season 'trade show'.
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I was given a pair of tickets so I didn't mind wandering around and looking at the bikes. That said, if I had paid to get in I would have been sorely disappointed. Very street oriented show.

Agree with you