Simon Pavey Returning to Duncan Motorsports


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Hi Dual Sporters
We are excited to announce that Simon Pavey is returning to Duncan Motorsports.

Simon and I will be holding a slide show and evening of discussion on Rallying.

Simon will also be conducting the full two day version of his adventure school.
This is the same course he provided to Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor before they headed out on the long way round adventure.
This school is a very intense adventure riding school open to all levels of riders, it has received great reviews with the British Motorcycle press.

To accommadate the large numbers that have expressed an interest, Simon will be offering two sessions of the two day School while here, the first will be Friday July 30th and Saturday July 31. the second date will be Sunday August 1st and Monday August 2nd.
The cost for the school is $450. CDN, Normally he charges 450 pounds but we convinced him to charge in dollars.
There are a limited number of spots, apply early to avoid disappointment.

E-mail : Mike Bridge: [email protected] or
myself [email protected] to get your name on the list. Simon does require a $100. deposit to guarantee your spot and payment in full by July 15th.
Or call us at 250-746-7148 to reserve your spot.
Looks like I'm registering for the Sunday-Monday as well, I'll be calling back tomorrow. Any idea what time the class will end by? I'll have to catch a ferry back to the mainland.


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That was a blast! Great instruction and training plus a great deal of good humour thrown in. There were several never-say-die riders in our group who never quit. it was an awesome!

Nice to meet you Simon. Sign me up for level 2!