… any comments?

Any members here dealt with this outfit?

Ad came across my FB feed with some hard to believe prices, like 65$ CAN for Forma Adventure Low, which are normally over 200…

Looking for feedback before I bite.

Thanks for any and all responses.


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just perused thru the site. crazy low prices. noticed there is unbranded revit jackets for fractional prices, hmmm. there's even a klim adventure rally air jacket for something like a hundred bucks!
order something so I can get the feedback from you.... i love it when people do my shopping for me!


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If it seems too good to be true, then its probably a scam.
I did a google search, looks like its a new company and possibly a scam…….
use a credit card with good fraud protection and get back to us.
Thanks DD, did a google search and I presume saw what you saw.
I’ll do a bit more digging before pulling the trigger.


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Thanks DD, did a google search and I presume saw what you saw.
I’ll do a bit more digging before pulling the trigger.
I was bit by a similar scam a few years ago. Can't remember the name, but implied that they were a overstock reseller tied to one of the big brands. Lots of mixed mostly European items on a very professional looking website. I pulled the trigger on a pair of Forma boots (funny coincidence) about $100 cheaper than local pricing, which seemed reasonable. About 6 weeks later received a pair of crappy canvas runners from a city in China. Eventually got my money back from visa, but took about 3 months and a lot of hassle. Shipping the runners was part of their strategy to prove delivery and claim that they shipped the Forma boots.
Also sent the real brand after them because they were representing themselves as an official reseller. Website disappeared a few weeks later.


Don't do it.
  • MJM Ouros (indicated owner) in France seems to be behind many scam sites. (Probably not the actual owner)
  • Scam site checkers rate slegler poorly -
  • Reverse DNS resolves to
  • Site webhost provider is in the US
  • Domain name has been registered for only a few months.
  • Service/support resolves to, which looks to be the same business model for fashion shoes and clothes. May not actually be related. You should contact them first.

And #1 deterrent for me - no physical address listed on the website (other than MJM Ouros which is an apartment in France).


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seriously!? What a buzz kill, and here I was about to peel off $62.50 of my Scottish dollars for that $1100.00 "Klim" jacket or maybe one of those obviously Revit jackets, with the "Revit" logo photoshopped out of the pic.

(actually not even a slim chance of peeling off any of those Scottish bucks for anything at that site, but I really do like the homework that you've done!)
Thanks all…

Fortunately, being the cheap bastard that I am, when I see something that looks too good to be true, the red flags start waving.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions.