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Squamish area snow line


New member
New to the forum and new to dual sport. I live in Squamish and would be interested in meeting up to explore some of the local FSR's. I am riding a crf250 rally so not really comfortable on technical single-track.


Took a couple of dudes who are visiting from the US up Brohm today via the Brohm FSR sire. Snow clear to about 1/2KM past the cabin. Some snow on the road but BUT there was a HUGE log down and I didn't get close to see if there was an actual around.. Should be snow free to the alpine in about 2 to 3 weeks assuming someone takes a chain say up and have's at it. There might be another route around but I've always just taken the road.


Just got back from Brohm and there is no way around or over the downed trees 1 km past the hut unless maybe you're a professional enduro rider with snow studs. There looks to be three trees (or three sections of one tree maybe) down and one of them being at least 12 feet circumference I would guess. I don't think my 16" saw will do much, but will be happy to help anyone who has the right equipment to cut it up. I did have a thought after I turned around,that there is an alternate route up to the left a couple hundred meters before the tree. Someone once told me that route is only passable on the snow by snowmobile, but have never tried it so not sure if true or not, but could be a bypass. IMG_2420.JPG