Still more work for the Newbie Ride Feb 28


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Dashboard got some serious loving today, but needs a lot more work before the nubee ride. Many of you may know dashboard trail as the A section or hard option for the newbee ride. well this year it is the main trail for the B loop. I am OK with the condition of the trail and realise that it will be somewhat challenging for some riders. I am just letting any of the not so inclined to volunteer B riders know that, we will upgraded the trail to make it better, but I am not going to do it by myself. We need more hands on the trail to make it better, so now is a good time to get off the computer and do a little trail work. Remember the trail will be a good as you make it. And what better chance to check out the trail conditions than actually walk the trail

Meet tamihi staging area 0900 Sunday morning Feb 28 2016

hope to see a few extra hands



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Sorry to see no interest in that post???

Maybe no one have interest into that???

Don't you remember the NOT happening last fall newbies ride???

I think I did enough trails works to have a say.

If you don't want all fun ride to be gone, better to help some time???


Hey Tom...I was looking for you guys on Dashboard today around 11:45. I guess I missed you. Got a good soaking though. Dashboard was in pretty good shape although always a little sketchy. Catch you next time


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We managed to get a lot done again this weekend, still I would have liked to seen a couple of more things done, but we are concentrating on specific problems. We have removed more than a couple of nasty stumps on trails that gave lots of the not so seasoned single track riders trouble in the past years.

Removing stumps suck and are a lot of work:shoot: at least once they are gone we dont have to deal with them again.

Some nice new section to keep you off of the main FSR have been completed, still these could use a couple of more hours of work to make them really nice, but we will see how time works out over the next two weekends.

There is still one section of trail from Green Fender that needs doing before the event

We still managed to have 4 guys out, warm but crappy weather.

Remember there is still two weekend left to get things done.