Survey says....Pay to Play ORV park


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Trent University Study/Survey
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"The purpose of this survey is to assess the potential market for a pay-to-play off-highway vehicle network/park in the Highlands East region in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. This survey is being conducted by two (2) fourth (4th) year Trent University students in conjunction with U-Links.

No identifying information from this survey will be used in the final report and respondents will remain anonymous. The final report will be used in the hopes of pursuing an OHV network in the Highlands East region and at such time will be accessible by the public. ... na08/start

Please pass this link around to friends on other forums. Input from other countries is important as it will help judge if there is interest in the area as a tourist destination."

--Sounds like something that could be applicable to Southern BC areas so worthy to add ones input and pass the survey link around.
I will update as info comes to me


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I took the survey, hope they can use the information. it will be interesting to see the results

The loaded question is how much would a rider be willing to pay for a riding area. Thats something we are struggling with at Bear Creek at this moment


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I agree Tom ...that is a big question. I think some off that answer lies within the Hatfield McCoy ORV park
One thing is it is easier to pay to play when your a tourist but either way I am afraid that user pay systems are going to be common in high use areas...big thing is developing a system in which that money is used to develop and maintain these areas....something Government is not good at.