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Tamihi OHV Kids / Novice Learning Area


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
Staff member
So the Forum title asks
Riding area closures What are We going to do about it?

Several of us here at DSBC and RN ATV, thought the best way to preserve our sport is to help create the next generation of riders.

Presently there are few areas to safely and legally teach the riders of tomorrow how to ride. It is illegal for kids to ride on a Forest Service Road, that will not change. Most private lands will not allow you to bring your kids to ride, as there are huge liability issues for the landowners. When was the last time you saw a gravel pit that was open?

So along with the new Tamihi Staging Area we are getting to the final stages of approval for a closed Kids / Novice Only Area and Trail. So instead of the kids having to go around in circles in a parking lot or share the FSR with a logging truck, they will have a safe and legal place to ride and learn. All this and only 90 min from Vancouver.

It's now time for us, the off road motorized community, to put some green on the table, skin in the game, put our money where our mouth is.

We have the commitment of the
  • Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resources (MFLNR) 24,000.00
  • Right Nuts ATV 1000.00
  • DSBC 1000.00

To get this funding for this Kids OHV project, we as off road motorized must come up with approximately another $13,000.00

We have started an online fundraising campaign through 'gofundme'

Please follow the link below, show that you support the future of our sport and do something about area closures in the future, with a donation of any amount that you can.

We are doing something about riding area closures, by making sure the kids have a safe and legal place to learn and ride.

Special Thanks for DSBC's members continued support
Team Tamihi




Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
Staff member
Looks like I am going to have to do a little more explaining?

Although there is a lot of interest and tons of views, we still looking for a lot more support.

Perhaps there are some questions that we could answer that others may be asking and would help promote this project?

Or maybe some ideas to keep the momentum going?

Just to update Nov 4 we have committed to date 2000.00 but are still short about 10K, If we don't raise the final 10K we will probably loose the project and its government funding. Its up to the motorized community to show support for such projects, otherwise we won't get the support from the government that is required.


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
Staff member
I just noticed this, so I made a donation. How much time do you have to raise the money?

Thanks and good question

We are waiting for two final pieces of paper, Archaeological Impact Assessment and environmental impact study (EIS). The schedule had these done by now but we are still awaiting, government moves a its own pace. Once these are in place we can start going.

Our Schedule is to start on the trails in January and we will have to have raised the money by then. If we dont raise the money by then we stand a good chance of not meeting a bunch of other deadlines which puts the whole project in jeopardy.

We all live with deadlines and this is no different

Thanks again



New member
I see a lot of talk on the DSBC site about area closure's and what can we do to keep this a riding area! I might never ride in the kids/novice riding area but the way I see it is if it gets the funding and our up and coming riders are using it they can't take it away! Helping fund this is cheaper than a KTM oil change come on people lets get this area locked down for the kids!

Ti welder

New member
Let's not forget this either
I hope our son will want to ride and there will be safe places for him to go!!