Telkwa Pass ride videos


4 of us from PG did a ride thru the pass on our loaded dual sports and then on up further to Ginglox and lava fields for a 4 day ride. Some awesome views and riding experience. I uploaded a few unedited clips of the ride and maybe someday I'll finish the edited pass ride ...
there are 4 unedited clips of the telkwa side start and some of the more gnarly parts. If you're considering the trip on a dual sport , pack light and soft panniers fare better. I did it with a small tool box and backpack strapped to carrier without too much issue. Never had a down anyways. MOST IMPORTANT make sure you're physically prepared... it can be a ball buster. (notice the speedo not working? I had a loose front tire and it sure made it difficult and sloppy steering. I stopped at the top of the big gnarly climb and broke the tools out to remedy the situation) start of atv trail from Telkwa side My slide climb run some serious steep declines you do not want to lose traction on.


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On July 12 noonish there was a Avalanche in there covering a half km of the trail in snow. Trapped some Terrace ATV'ers on the Telkwa side