Thank You 2014 Noobie Ride Volunteers with Pictures and Videos


Thanks to all the volunteers, sorry I'm a little late ... But certainly had a good ride! :tup:



Mark, I liked your video of the "B" loop... I may try that with Mrs's Randuals 250 as soon as the chance arises! Looks like fun!!

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Just want to say a big thank you to Tom and all the volunteers for the Newbie Ride…great turnout and great riding..! Had an awesome time in the mud. If ever help is needed on Vancouver Island, would love to help out.


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Thanks for posting the Video, I like the descriptive grunts and words used, sounded like Arthur was having a good time. I see by the video its all on the Tamihi Side or last half of the route, did you guys make it up on the McGuire side? More A sections. I can see where we will have to fix up a few sections.

Just wait till the Fall Nuobie, Parish hill trail will be open, will be epic (and hard)


Only one guy from our group made it up the McGuire side. The rest of us waited until everyone was ready to go and then we were late so we skipped the McGuire trails. We'll be back in late April or May when the snow has melted for a full tour.