Thank you to the organizers!


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Just want to say thank you to all you hard working Kamloops boys for such an excellent event! I really appreciate the huge effort an event like this takes and it made for a truly spectacular weekend.

Also want to extend a special Thank you to Darcy (Crash969) who went out of his way to tow my disabled bike out of the hinterland.

Hope all of you that had injuries heal fast and are ready to ride again soon.



Had a great time at my first Loose Screw ! Epic effort, and a huge thank you to all the hard working Loopers who put this event together.
Rode the B loop - it was the toughest route I've ever ridden, very diverse and challenging (and long !), and only cost me a rad and a week or two to heal my ankle.

(Also like to thank my impromptu crew that I joined for assisting in the many liftings of the behemoth :)


That was a great event. I too am impressed with the amount of work these guys put in, and not just on the million or so kilometers of courses. A river to relax and cool off, a great meal, dancing girls, where does it all end?

On-trail entertainment was supplied by several parties and I saw the same grinning guys at all those hot spots taking pictures, like they were expecting it!

Door prizes were exceptional and seemed to go to the right people.

And an ice-cold beer forced on me on arrival at the finish (by an organizer, no less) What a way to spend a weekend.

Thanks to my Kamloops friends for doing all that!


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Fantastic ride, that B+ was perfect. Way to go on organizing a great event, look forward to next year!!


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Thanks for another great ride.I didn't think you guys could top last year yet you did and what a surprise to find part of the B+ was named after me.The lost Lloyd loop!!!See ya next year.


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As expected the Kamloops Dual Sport Riders did a first rate job. Thanks for inviting us all to your riding area and sharing the trails.



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Thanks Dan, Gord and team from the Kamloops Dual Sport Riders for an awesome event and epic ride. A great event with rides for everyone's skill level and spectacular sights. I will wear my t shirt with pride. The prize table was outstanding! Looking forward to next year.


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I'd also like to say thanks to Dan and the rest of the organizers of the LSDS. I had a great time on the ride, and the facilities/ after ride meal and raffle were all great as well. Definitely looking forward to next years event.


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thanks to all that attended for making for all the hard work put in by a big bunch of Kamloopsians well worth the effort.

MISSING: one folding chair, one of four, the other three are worried. Last seen languishing in the south thompson river in the late afternoon just before dinner in the accompanyment of an assortment of chairs and bodies (some party naked).
If grabbed by mistake, perhaps a return could be arranged, and maybe even an extremely small reward could be provided, say a Raineer beer or something. It looks an awful lot like the ones pictured here, in fact exactly the same.
Thanks to all of the organisers of this spetacular weekend. Every year it get's better, or i just choose harder trails that get easier every year. Sorry, no pictures, i was to busy riding. Cheers


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This was my 2nd loose screw, drove up thursday night so we could ride the B+ friday morning! Great ride with great friends! Tried to do the B on saturday 6 riders 2 flat tires and one helicopter ride so I didn't finish the B this year!!! Looking forward to next years! Thanks again to my riding partners for all the help,looking forward to healing so we can get back on the trails! Snackdaddy I will get your great pic posted!!


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Thanks LSDS!!

Thanks LSDS!!

Yes, thanks very much Dan, Gord et all! Another great Loose Screw! :clap:

I was thoroughly enjoying the B until about halfway in when I hit a rock on a downhill that sent me into the tulis...only the tulies were trees and I broke my ankle :( It only took me 45mins. to ride to the hospital from there but the narrow, rutted downhill going down to Lac Le Jeune did have me sweating even more (and I dropped the bike there to boot). Thanks Guy for the ride/guide out!!
Apparently I did get to miss out on the second half which had a lot of mud holes though! ;)

Anyhow another well put together and run event. A pleasure to be a part of!

BTW Who won the Giant Loop MoJavi?




Glad to hear you are ok! I liked your bootie at dinner and you were 1 of 3 hospital visits this event...not a good record to try to beat.

FBOMB (Peter from Abbotsford) won the Giant Loop MoJavi. I know that it will get lots of use carrying fuel for all his riding partners.


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A big thank you to the organizers. We had a great day doing the B plus route onFriday. The b route on Saturday was alittle bit more eventful. Two flat tiresand a helicopter ride for one of the guys in our group. As he tells it he managed to miss runningover the baby bunnies but fell hard doing it. He broke his collarbone in the process. BC ambulance service dispatched a helicopter to deliver him to hospital. As we were extremely late getting back thefine cooks put plates of food aside for us. Thanks again for a great ride cannot wait for next year!<o:p>