Thanks to all those that helped out!


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Just wanted to thank everyone again that came by and provided some wisdom, advice, tools, and eventually a ride home.

I really appreciate the fact that when a guy hits a rough patch mechanically or otherwise, the community is willing to pitch in what they can. It really makes for a very welcoming and positive experience.

For those that missed out on my fun or saw a red xl 600 being tow started and wondered what was going on here's a short version of the story.

My brother and I rode out to the island from Chilliwack, and the XL has always been difficult to start when it was warm but i thought i had the problem solved. I replaced the coil, cleaned all the wiring connections, cleaned the fuel tank, cleaned the carbs, and put in a new plug.
SO our ride to the ferries was pretty uneventful; bike ran great, other than a hesitation when you cracked it wide open suddenly.
It was tough to start getting onto the ferry, but not getting off. I chocked this up to my thoughts that it was always tough to get going when warm.
Once we rolled into the campsite I shut it down and that was it. We haven't been able to kick it since. We CAN bump it and it runs great once its going.

I ended up catching a ride home with Tom and the boys on the bus and Hawk gave me a lift back to the 'wack. Thanks Guys.

I'm going to run through a list of things like;

valve adjustment
THOROUGH carb cleaning
thinking of making a new wiring harness as it's not complicated and the current one is 27 years old
test and replace stator if needed
test and replace coil (again) if needed

I'll be busy for awhile.

Thanks again to everyone that provided some advice or stories of their own experience with these machines, I really appreciate it. After this weekend i definitely owe some people some beers and need to pass some good karma back to BCORMA and DualSportBC.

Bill: I have your tow strap still, i'll find a way to get it back to you.


Sorry I missed you guys this morning, good to hear you got a lift home. Totally enjoyed the ride with you and your brother and Dad. Hope you get your bike sorted out and we can ride together again.

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Please don't take this as criticism or a stupid comment but you cannot give your big Honda single ANY throttle while attempting to start, especially with a warm engine. Grab the handlebar crossbrace, kick through from the top of the stroke (kick starter all the way up so the decompressor engages properly) and give it a healthy kick. Apply absolutely NO THROTTLE until it lights up or you will end up kicking over and over with no result. The only time you give a big four stroke throttle is after a backfire when you need a few kicks with full throttle to clear the cylinder.

Try my advice and I hope you find it works....good luck....otg


OTG may be right, but I also have a XL600R (in well-organized pieces/boxes all around the shop) and it has always been simply rotten to start hot, like when you stop to re-fuel. My 'fix' was to crack the throttle 1/4 way to clear the slightly-flooded condition.....risking the leg-bustin backfire.

If I kicked it with a closed throttle I would get absolutely zero response.

Always started 1-2 kicks when cold.
Just my 2cents.. YMMV