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Thanks to everyone who came out and made the ride a success and a good time. It's the smiles and the laughter that make it into a good weekend. There were lots of laughs, some great rides, some good food, and many nice swims over the weekend. Many, many people helped out; I hope I thanked them all on Saturday night.

Special thanks go out to the sponsors who make it all possible.*** I hope the riders who went home with a new tire or GPS or helmet etc will remember that it came from one of the sponsors below. Thanks also to all the riders who generously bought raffle tickets - that money goes to support this website, the Loose Screw ride, and dualsport events in Kamloops throughout the year.

All B2 riders should mail a beer or other thanks to Neil(hawk), Mark(skidmark43), John(whatthehellisjohn'ssitename) and several others who sawed through the huge log that fell over the trail near the start of the ride. This was in an area which would have been very difficult to bypass for anyone not familiar with the area. These guys saved the ride - Thanks!! Thanks also to Terry and Doug who sawed out a tree even earlier in the day; before any of you got there.

Please put your pictures in the LSDS2010 picture forum so we can all see them.

We all had fun and we hope you did too. We'll see you in Chilliwack later this month and next year at the Loose Screw.

Greg, Gord, Dan, Wayne, Reid, Ross, Terry, Doug, Rob, Lisa, Shelly, Connor ...

*** Major Sponsors:
Rivercity Cycle - Kamloops
RTR Performance - Kamloops
Valley Motosport - Kelowna
GPS Central - Canada
ACR Electronics - Florida
Leading Edge - Kamloops
Cooper's Foods

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Great job all!!!!!!
Best motorcycle event I've been to!!:tup:


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If he rides a 07 exc 450 then
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