The Biker Wave?


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Now I ask this as a general question and invite other peoples opinions and views on said topic.

My take on it now after 25 yrs of having a bike license and activly riding season after season, is that I don't wave to other bikers unless I know them or maybe I'm in the middle of freakin nowhere and haven't seen anyone for hours.

I've come to this revelation after seeing for many years now people that buy a bike to look cool and wave at other bikers. Or are just programed from having seen and done so for their riding careers.

In my many years in the saddle and with my love for small bikes I've spent countless hours and miles thinking what it would be like if people in third world countries waved at everyone else on a bike?


Everyone would be riding around with one hand on the bars rubber-knecking and trying to wave at everybody.

Simply not safe buy any standard.

I've had times riding my shovel head chopper at speeds above the limit and passed a parade of goldwings all waving and looking at me strangely for not returning the favor when in reality you don't want to let go with one hand on a rigid chop at 110mph.

Bottom line is I'm tired of waving at ya'll so don't hate me just get to know me and I might wave back.

And please feel free to post your views and opinions on this topic.



I might extend the courtesy of returning the wave should someone wave to me, but other than that, I usually just wave to dual-sporters.... :cool:


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I've noticed folks on metrick cruisers like to wave around town, but maby they are just in their own neighbourhood and figure I am too. Dudes on Harley's seldom wave, save to other Harley's.

I feel you though, I have to shift through third just to get across an intersection; I'm not waving if I'm busy.

The index finger pointing in the air moving in a circular motion indicative of police ahead type of wave has been helpful.

The only bikes I'll initiate a wave with are other dual sports and that seems to be a mutual thing.


I do my part and wave to everyone. If they don't want to wave, whatever.

But hey, I am just happy to have a bike that is running :hf: