The Knobbie Route


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Yes you read that right, The Knobbie Route.

Dont know what a Knobbie is, then this route is not for you (at least not yet)

This year's Noobie ride does not have any B or A routes. We just did not have the time or volunteers to put it together. Only problem there are lots of riders out there that want something on the HARD side.

So we have come up with a quick solution "The Knobbie Route"

On Sunday we are going to see who we have and break up into some smaller groups (sub 10) and just go and ride, we hope to have a guy up front to lead you through the route(s). The routes that we are going to take will be challenging to say the least. Best suited for sub 500cc dirt bikes.

We have some crazy ideas that will probably not be very smart, but they will be fun.

So if you are looking for something all dirt all the time, just look for KNOBBIE sign at the Staging Area Sunday Oct 18 2015
9:00am and the last rider out is at 10:00am. We'll do a Rider's Meeting at 9:45am. Show up EARLY. We will have hot coffee. Find a group to join. DO NOT RIDE ALONE!!!

If you have any questions about this plan, the time to ask is now, it would be a bad time to find out that this is not suited for you when you are on the trail


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
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If narrow trails with steep high drop offs, ruts, big rocks, switchbacks, then this ride will be for you. Some pictures to get your interest, no promises that it will look the same at this or even if we will be going to any of these locations, kinda depends on who shows up

Parish Hill


Run to the Border

Parish Hill

Parish Hill

Tomahawk Bridge

Tomahawk Bridge





Since there will likely be 4-5 groups of 10 riders or such on these can't wait till one group of 10 meets other group on SNO 250 going opposite directions :) Too bad I am not able to attend ride..


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i'm sad that i can't make this informal ride. I like chaos and minimal planning! it's called fun and adventure! enjoy everyone!