The Routledge RUNNERS so far

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1 Ian Banbury
2 Lillian Benderski
3 Ron Benderski
4 Julie Blackburn
5 Phil Blackburn
6 Dan Breakey
7 Jim Brooke
8 Paul Burke
9 Stephen Burke
10 Chris Carey
11 Mark Cohen
12 Walter Coutts
13 Adrian du Toit
14 Lane du Toit
15 Mike Dunstan
16 Ted Eaton
17 Bryon Enns
18 Lars Faerge
19 Doug Felton
20 Wayne Fischer
21 Alex Flostrand
22 Mike Fodor
23 Doug Frederickson
24 Tatiana Frederickson
25 Peter Freiesen
26 Patrick Gallant
27 Bill Wells
28 Gordo Gillespie
29 Mark Gray
30 Wendy Gray
31 Barry Green
32 Fiona Green
33 Bob Hamilton
34 Randy Hamm
35 Scott Harrop
36 Lori Hawkings
37 Neil Hawkings
38 JT Hibber
39 Susan Hibber-Nikic
40 Deb Jamison
41 Wes Jamison
42 Kent Johnson
43 Ray Keller
44 Cory Kilik
45 Brock Kinneard
46 Kevin Kinneard
47 Rocke Kinneard
48 Marg Klammer
49 Wally Klammer
50 Greg LeFlufy
51 Alison Lowe
52 Eric Lund
53 Ian Markby
54 Scott Miller
55 Scott Moyes
56 Art Nendza
57 Charlene Nendza
58 Derek Norman
59 Joan Omasta
60 Tom Omasta
61 Mike Overhoff
62 John Pearson
63 Vince Peterson
64 Sharon Rambo
65 Mike Roest
66 Jay Schlitz
67 Dave Seifert
68 Donna Serne
69 Ron Serne
70 David Silk
71 Wayne Smith
72 Greg Spencer
73 John Taylor
74 Tom Timmerman
75 Dan Towers
76 John VanLeeuwen
77 Judy VanLeeuwen
78 Grant Vass
79 Bob Vickers
80 Ken Walton
81 Dylan Williams
82 Melanie Williams
83 David Wills
84 Janita Overhoff
85 Ian Wills
86 John Wyndham
87 Laurel Wyndham-Johnson
88 Mike Graydon
89 Bill Hitchon
90 Colin Gibb
91 Josh Dirnfeld
92 Gordon Esplin
93 Nick Evans
94 Kevin Chipperfield
95 Steve Graf
96 Scott Borrows
97 Dave Jewers
98 Alex Milenovic
99 Al Brookes
100 Pat Huska
101 Kevin Miklossy
102 friend Miklossy
103 Nadine Foster
104 Ron Seida

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Please note that we've now received 50 registrations.

Plenty of space for more, but only the next ~25 will get a decent bed / bedding. After that you will be offered a campsite (RV or tent) or a mattress in a rustic cabana. It's all good!

Thanks for your support,

Mark & the 2011 Routledge Team


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We've now passed 60 registrations (thanks to all who have sent in their forms & funds).
We'd like to double this over the coming months.

  • There are +/- 15 beds (with bedding etc.) left (mostly Q - so ideal for couples).
  • After that we have 15 mattresses for folks in the 'Cabanas'.
  • 4 RV sites (power / water) left after Snackdaddy has put dibs on one.
  • Plenty of tent sites (with hot showers / flush toilets).



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May 9th and we count 83 registrants. Thanks to all for subscribing.


At this point we still have a few beds in cabins available (with bedding etc). After that there will be plenty of space for your tent or RV.

Route planning is going well, the menu (2 dinners + 2 breakfasts + 1 lunch) is set, SWAG & trophies are being arranged.

Remember that there will be road-routes offered for non-knobbie riders. A few non-riders are also organizing a hike / mine tour in the Princeton area, and I know of one guy who plans to go fishing... Plenty of great options for you to still be able to enjoy a riding (long)weekend with friends etc.



Administrator / BFF in the blue jacket
Registration is now closed.

Thanks to all for signing-up.
Now we can give the resort, caterers & shirt-printers our final numbers.
Stay tuned for informational updates posted in this forum and emailed to you as we get closer to the date.
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