Thoughts on a new GPS


What about the new Garmin InReach series? With this I believe that you get a GPS unit as well as an emergency locator. ...

It's still a DeLorme (just branded Garmin) which doesn't play nice with Garmin GPX tracks. Does not work like a GPS like a Garmin does. No personal experience, just from reading at ADV.

I have the InReach SE as my "safety" device.


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joker, how are you going to use the communication feature while you are moving on a bike?

[h=3]Works with Bluetooth-enabled Headsets[/h]
Syncing your Rino with a compatible Bluetooth-enabled headset enhances your radio communications, even under adverse weather or wind conditions. And by syncing your Rino with a compatible smartphone¹, you receive smart notifications (calls, texts, emails and more) right on your display, so you stay focused on the trail ahead while staying connected with friends and family back home.​

Reid, It looks like all that is needed is a voice activated headset (mic and speaker) then it works off it's own 22 channel 2-way radio.

So here is a question for you computer wizzes..
All of the Backroad Maps are available in DVD or micro SD card, this GPS takes a micro SD card.

Im looking at either BC/Alberta or just BC for now.

I cant find what they charge for an extra Unlock code, but was wondering if there is a way around it.

Do you want to put the maps on your own SD card?
If yes, then you will need to order the DVD version. This version allows you to load the maps with other maps onto your own SD card. If you have more than one GPS unit, then you will need to buy separate unlock codes since you cannot port your own SD card from unit to unit with the maps on them. The DVD's are now both MAC and Windows compatible!

It seems there is not a RAM cradle available for these units yet but I think its not far away. Im sure I can make something to to fit onto the mounts I have for my 60c.


I've seen the screen shots of Backroads maps for BC/AB and they do look nice but I'm OK with using the Garmin Topo's on my phone as per the pics I posted