tires used up in the year in review.


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There was a variety of tires turned to junk this year so why not give them another life.
without further adeiu the tire review (in order of use) that no-one asked for.

Tire #1 Pirelli Scorpion STR. the stock tire for A kTm 990. Sure as a knife at a gun fight this was a horrible tire choice, my bad. With softish sidewalls it was simply not up to properly supporting the loaded 990. With no luggage I suspect it would be a really great 50/50 tire and the front is everything the rear isn't when loaded, down right good. The tire not surprisingly wore out thankfully fast and revealed why the new to me bike was handling sooo poorly on the tarmac ride south. Really glad there wasn't any dirt on the way south as I'm sure that would've been no fun at all.

#2 MotoZ tractionator GPS, Stiff, strong like bull, chunky with a cool directional tread pattern offering a dirt or a more dirt rotation choice. But. really expensive (unfortunately), it wore incredibly well and worked equally as well. The dirt tracks of Death Valley was a breeze on the tractionator and the twisty paved roads home were a gas. Really great all rounder (ha!) and lasted a long long time. darn good tire wish it wasn't so pricey .

#3 Anlas Capra, did it work well, yes everywhere. did it wear well, yes sort of. I think the heavy load really shortened its life. would it be purchased again, yes. and though not inexpensive, it's not near the MotoZ.

#4 Mitas used, mooched as the least bald used tire in the heap of abandoned tires in Dawson city as an emergency spare, which wouldneed to be installed to replace the Anlas that wasn't going to get me home. The used tire still lasted another almost 4k and worked well til it was, um,, bald.

#5 Mitas E10 worked surprisingly well on the pavement and very well in the dirt, really saved by bacon up the Nahatlatch and behind Cornwall! but incredibly short lived with a life that in this case was measured in days, not even weeks. not likely to spoon one on again.

#6 Mitas E09 a good tire that's wearing pretty darn well. Definitely dirt oriented and can be quite entertaining
on the pavement, you'd be best keeping the road racer in you well at bay unless you're practicing your hard surface sliding technique. A good value for a pretty much 50/50 tire.

The winner as best adventure tire would have to be the MotoZ, but literally at a price.
Pirelli, too soft for adventuring.
E10, fun, but tire changes every coupla weeks would suck.
Anlas, certainly a strong contender, but.
The Mitas e09 with its reasonable life span (though not sure it'd be the choice for say a trip to Tuk) and overall abilities has to top this heap of bald tires.

(As a note, the Anlas front tire is a darn good go-to choice for price longevity and most importantly performance).

food for thought or fodder to ignore, your choice.

Those were the rear tires used up in 2019.