Tom's Triumph Tiger


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I pulled the trigger on the Tiger, after wallowing back and forth regarding the bigger duallies and what kind of riding I was planning for 2017. I decided on a bike that I rode some years ago and never got out of my mind. So to keep the Husky some company in the garage I now have two Triumphs, a Sprint ST and now a Tiger. Both sporting over 100 horsepower and 955cc fuel injection. I wonder what's next for this snow bound rider? Anyhow cant wait for spring.

Here it is 2003 Triumph Tiger 955i at 470 lbs it promises to be a handful off road.



Is this to be another Frankenbike? Something to ride with a cast on your foot (at more than 60 kmh)?


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Nice looking bike, Tom. Shouldn't be too bad off-road unless you intend riding some B single track, or gnarlier, with it. Are you planning on doing the Routledge Adventure route with it this year? It'd be fine for that.



Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
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Thanks John

No B routes with this behemoth just FSRs

Yes I will be considering the Routledge Run this year