Totally cool DSBC swag that will be available at the Fall Newbie Ride


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People have been asking how to contribute to DualSportBC. One way is by purchasing a Trail Pass. Another way is to become a proud owner of some pretty niffty DSBC swag. This is what I will have available at the Fall Newbie Ride. 100% of all the proceeds goes right back into DSBC and helps fund things like this great website/forum, enables us to put on the Newbie Rides as FREE events, buys saws to keep the face slappers at bay and any of a million other things that cost us $$$$. We are all volunteers in this club and no one gets paid for doing anything. Why do we do it? Because we enjoy dualsport riding, it's that simple.

NEW this season............... beverage (beer) coozies!!!!!!!! It's getting chilly out there and who wants to hold a cold beverage in their hand after a ride?

There are also nice warm winter touques and for you sporty types we also have baseball caps.

And let everyone know who's your favorite club by proudly displaying your DSBC decal on your bike, on your car, on your truck, etc.

So bring a bit of cash with you on Sunday and you can be the proud owner of some of these great items. Not gonna be at the Newbie Ride? Email me [email protected] and if you mail me $$ I will mail you whatever you need.

If you purchase multiple items I will give you a deal. Tell me what you want and I'll tell you how much. Individually these items are as follows:
1. Beer coozie $5.00
2. Ball cap or toque $15.00
3. Big decal $5.00
4. Small decal $2.00

It's way better to do a combo deal. For those folks who want items mailed to you I will have to charge a nominal shipping fee depending on what you want.

Come and find me at the Newbie Ride, I'll have table set up somewhere.


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Have you seen the weather report for this sunday

Sun 19 2014

Mostly Sunny
Precip: 10%

Perfect koozie, hat weather,

In the morning you can use the toque to keep you head warm until the sun comes up, the koozie as a thermal barrier to keep the coffee hot and your fingers from burning (instead of using two cups which is not environmentally friendly)

In the afternoon put your hat on to keep the sun out of your eyes while mounting your new decals then its back to the koozie, sit back and enjoy your accomplishments of the day

All that and support DSBC, what more could you ask for?

Thanks Judy, for thinking about us all
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Judy how about a package deal for one of everything?

Well Tom the special Newbie Ride price for all the items would be $35.00. That will get you 1 beer coozie, 1 head warming toque, 1 sun shading baseball cap, 1 uber cool reflective (did I mention that the big decal was reflective?) large decal and 1 small DSBC decal. This is a limited time offer so don't miss out. Get your items before we run out.


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Im in for a set

Nothing in the motorhome to keep my head warm at them moment and the trailer needs a decal