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This is an unsolicited endorsement for Trail Tech

To keep this story short, I damaged my Trail Tech Voyager that is way way way out of warranty, not to mention the damage to the Voyager was ALL my fault. I contacted Trail Tech and explained what was damaged on the Voyager, in particular was the rubber navigation knob. The rep told me to send some pictures so I did just that. Here are the pics is sent

DSCN4521 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

DSCN4522 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

As you can see the navigation knob is ripped and some damage to the electrical connections

I make it clear I was willing to pay for the parts to fix. The rep replied and said if I send the Voyager in to them, it could be repaired for a small charge

So I had the unit sent to Trail Tech

Two weeks later this showed up at my door

DSCN4550 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

A brand new head unit, no charge replacement

Thanks Trail Tech, you exceeded my expectations for customer service

Tom Timmerman


If I'm not mistaken I meet the dude from Trail Tech at the LS dinner?

Personally I use their kick stand on my CRF250R and when the spring broke after like 6 years I emailed them asking where I could buy one and they sent me 2 for free and IMO excellent customer service:)


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
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Some additional damage when I damaged the Voyager