TT3d CLOSER TO THE EDGE movie Wed Dec 12th


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3-D documentary of the 2010 Isle of Mann races.

A few of us are heading downtown to see this at the Park Theatre on Cambie.

Any other TT fans out there? “If it doesn't excite you, you're not alive"



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Wow, that looks really good. And it's only natural that Wolverine would kick ass on a crotch rocket.

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7:00 for us old guys, John.

Hey, Mark, are you guys meeting someplace first or just showing up at the cinema independently?

By the way, you're not old enough to included with us old guys, but I appreciate the sentiment. They say that 70 is the new 50 so ya gotta be 70 or older to qualify for old, and I just made it, but you young guys have a few yrs to go, hang in there and you'll be just fine in a couple of decades :D.



I'm going to try to get to the movie, 5:30 a little too early for me to get back into town! I'll see you guys at the theatre, what's the parking like there? any ideas??


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That was fun; good to see so many familiar faces - 1,000 enthusiasts out at the movie tonight.