Tyaughton Lake Ride (aka. Poison Mtn) Aug.28-30


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Hawk organized an awesome weekend of riding from Lytton to Taughton Lake. The event consisted of 13 riders, a support vehicle, a chef (Mrs. Hawk) and a beer queen (me).

The ride started in Lytton (Guy is missing from this photo as he had to go and get gas)

Tom lead the way

Neil was the sweeper (aka. dust sucker)

Mrs. Hawk and I took the support vehicle and enjoyed the scenery from Lytton to Taughton Lake. Along the way we saw a mama bear and her to cubs

They all made it to the Lake after a 400km day

We were joined by some very friendly and persistant horses

A report wouldn't be complete without an update on Tom's bike. Look closely....

Neil looks good in Orange don't ya think??

Group Photo Tyaughton Lake 2009

After a great meal and a good night's sleep they were off again. Back to Lytton.

Tom's BMW was a wee bit injured so he rode Vince'sHonda 650 back.

Some of the guys took photos along the way . . . . perhaps they will post them and tell a bit more about the ride.