Vancouver Toy Run 2013


Tomorrow Oct 6th is the Vancouver Toy Run (34th annual I think)
I 've never participated in one of these but I think that I just might go!
I already have a few others interested... Looking at going down to Coquitlam Centre at
around 9:00 am... Ride leaves at 10:00am
Just putting it out there!


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Its been years since I last attended the Toy Run, got me thinking about how the event went?

Does anyone have any post event information on the 2013 Toy Run, cant seem to find much with my internet search.



Hi there Tom, I should have let everyone know how the day went... I cannot tell you how many bikes were there, or how much cash/toys were raised... perhaps someone with the GVMC can fill in those blanks. But the sun was shining and it was fun to ride parade style all the way from Coquitlam centre to the PNE without stopping! There were tons of bikes , all shapes and sizes... Most with riders and passengers with smiles on their faces!
All in all a fun event and enjoyable day!