VIDEO - First Ride of 2015


Hey folks. Even though we have been able to bomb around town since Feb, which is amazing and very welcomed, this is the first ride that I did to go and see how the thaw is coming. Or more realistically, how it is not coming.....

A fellow from PG came out (Groovy here on DSBC) to beautiful Smithers for the day and we hooked up for a ride. Even though it was a short, cold rip, it was still a hoot!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy the vid:



It was nice to get out there to check out some of the area and I can honestly say I can't wait to get out there when things thaw out and dry up a bit. When I woke up that morning to -8C I was skeptical that you'd be willing to ride but way to man up! Too bad we couldn't get my GoPro working as well there was some fun snowmobile trail riding where I was honking on it pretty good that would have made for fun watching. Thanks for letting me on your DR for a taste... it's been a while since I was on something that could actually wheely! LOL
I was trying to post some pictures I got on my camera but it keeps saying invalid file type.


Right on!! Thanks guys!!!

And thanks for adding the pics Groovy, I took a few for myself :D

A great start to 2015!!!!


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Great start to 2015, looking forward to a bit of exploring myself,
Today's quick ride;


Nice looking bike :D

And nice pic, Rupert is a nice place when the sky does not release water. Happy exploring and post up pics!!