Video of Climb to 5000 feet Chi Mtn and Camped along side river Chipmunk Creek


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This place should be on your bucket list as a must see place in BC Canada. Chi Mountain Chilliwack BC Canada and Chipmunk Peninsula Campground has amazing dirt biking and camping along side of a beautiful river. Hundreds of miles and smiles of epic riding, single track, hill climbs and mountain top views. Challenging terrain for all levels and trails are marked well and maintained by the local dirt biking club (GVMC Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club. Today we conquer hill climbs to the top of Chi Mtn at 5000 feet. We are riding 2 stroke TX & TE 300's Husqvarnas with the FE 501 four stroke. This spot is perfect because you can swim in the river in the summer and its right at the trail head and is 100% dirt bike friendly campground and always lots of great people and riders to show you around if your new to the area. Thanks for watching a be a Warrior for Happiness Braaap! Here the link to the video from my channel WADZ UP. Cheers guys!
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